The Three Things Every Caregiver Should Do

It’s fair to say that Jesus was the greatest Physician Who lived. As a counselor, He also gave spot-on advice. He traveled and mingled with mobs of people. He took time for children. He reached out to the underdogs and those shunned by society. He ate with publicans. He dined with sinners. He was bombarded by people who wanted the food and the miracles He performed – people who could care less about a relationship … Read more

Why I Want To Be Like That Little Drummer Boy

One of my favorite Christmas songs is The Little Drummer Boy.  I used to think this song was for children rather than for adults  because it’s about a young boy. Yet I’ve come to realize that this song is as much for me as it is for kids. It’s message is true – and biblical. Granted, the song is about a fictional character.  The idea that a small boy showed up in the stable (or … Read more

How Being a Pilgrim is a Way of Life


The way I see it, anybody can be a tramp. But not everyone is a pilgrim. The other evening over dinner, I asked my kids for their definition of a pilgrim. “A traveler, a vagrant, or a wayfarer,” one of them said. “How about someone on a journey?” another replied. Still another one answered, “Those people dressed in black and white with those strange hats.” “A pilgrim is a wayfarer.  He moves from place to … Read more

Is Jesus Too Busy?

  As the aroma of coffee brewing permeated my kitchen that morning, there was a song going through my mind. The song is called Reach Out, and Touch the Lord as He Walks By. ‘Haven’t heard this song in a long time, and I have no idea why it came to me then except that I had a plan for my morning.  After my coffee was sweetened and creamed, I planned was to sit down with … Read more

Why Praise Should Be The First Part of Every Prayer

The song Hallelujah, Praise Jehovah! has been ringing in my ears. I’ve sat at our piano and pounded out the chords, singing along the last few days. I like this song. I like the words. As a youth and later a young adult, we sang this hymn many Sunday evenings when our youth group got together to sing acapella. We sang songs from The Life Songs and Songs of the Church.   I have fond memories of singing … Read more