Airline Oxygen: Taking One for Yourself

Most of us don’t pay attention to the stewardess giving instructions prior to take-off on an airplane flight – if we’ve traveled a lot. We’ve heard it all so often that we think we’ve nothing else to learn. A few weeks ago, Dave and I did a lot of flying to visit two of our sons in the western states. During that time, we flew thousands of miles – taking off and landing five different … Read more

When It’s Time to Stop Praying for Our Kids

“I’ve quit praying for my kids,” she said. “It’s no use. God hasn’t answered my prayers, so there’s no use in keeping on. If I’m honest,” she continued, “I have to say that I’m kind’ve mad at God right now because He hasn’t answered my prayers.” So how long do we pray for our kids? Once they’re out and on their own, is it time to stop? Maybe they’ve settled in another community and have jobs … Read more

Without the Loss of One

    Leave no one behind. Our country is said to look after its own. The Latin phrase nemo resideo means “leave no one behind.” Some say it is as old as warfare itself. Stories the world over can be heard of platoons who are trained – and practice – coming back with everyone, whether dead or alive. If you have to carry a fellow soldier’s gear so he can make it back, you do it. … Read more

The Grass is Greenest Here


This article first appeared in Daughters of Promise magazine, January/February 2015.  If you are interested in more information about this Anabaptist magazine for women, you can contact DOP online here.   After weeks of packing without knowing where we were moving, we were almost there. Just a few more miles to our new home,but I was still looking for a ram in the thicket! Maybe, just maybe another place had become available and we hadn’t gotten the word. … Read more

A Second Chance for Moses

Poor Moses. He’s called to lead the people of Israel out of bondage in Egypt when he never campaigned for the job. He stutters and he has a temper. Not exactly the marks of a good leader. Yet he serves a God who continues to give him a second chance. The first time his temper gets him into trouble is when he kills an Egyptian in anger. We could say the anger was justified because the … Read more