Making All Things New

 Behold, I am doing a new thing;     now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness     and rivers in the desert.         Isaiah 43:19 ESV What seems impossible here on earth is not impossible with God. There’s a desert.  No water.  Just barren wasteland. Dusty dryness.  Parched hearts and throats. Then He comes. He says, “Look.  I make all things new. I make a … Read more

One Thing About a Limp – (Choosing a Response)


Jacob walked with a limp. That’s my brother Jacob. The limp was the result of his own doing. If he hadn’t put his foot into that baler the day they were making hay, he would never have lost his toes. If he had listened to his employer and if he had waited until the machine was turned off to push against the things that were jamming the machine, he would still have had his toes. In a split second, his … Read more

“Sweet Through It All”

When I started to pray, “Please keep me sweet through it all,” it changed my focus from me and my pain to God and what He could do. Forty years.  It’s been forty years since I got that letter from a friend, a note of encouragement during an upheaval in my life.  At the end of the note, she wrote, “I pray God that He will keep you sweet through it all.” That became my … Read more

Three Things Virginity Gave Me

There I was, standing in a group of gals I’ve come to know over the past year. The discussion centered on – of all things – virginity. Specifically, virginity until marriage – saving oneself for marriage. The topic had been an ongoing discussion over several events, and this time I was right in the mix. In the past, I’d not entered into the conversations because I’m a lot older than they are, and the discussion was … Read more

Ten Dimes Short of a Bathroom

Honestly, the lesson learned was not in the game plan for this field trip. This April 30th, 1966 educational trip was planned in detail. Stops included the airport, zoo, museum, and Fort Necessity. When it was time to make their departure for the two and a half hour trip back, there was a small, dime-sized dilemma. The restrooms required the payment of one dime per customer. Into the slot, the teacher Ruth put her first dime. … Read more