The Complete Guide to Online Parental Controls – Guest Post

online parental controls

The digital world and our kids. The digital world has unfortunately become a parent’s worst nightmare. How can parents educate themselves about not only the threats of social media, but also online material that is available to our children? They can probably find it quicker and better than we can. We need to be educated, informed, and aware. It’s a long post, so fasten your seat belts and take the journey to being well-informed and to helping … Read more

Listen to Yourself and How You Sound

how we sound

How do we sound? I remember days of hearing discord in our house when I’d walk into a room and tell a kid, “Listen to yourself! Do you know  how you sound?!” Another day, I came home from work talking about someone I’d been in close contact with all day. My teenage son told me he was tired of having to listen to me spout off about this person – and perhaps I should think … Read more

Katie’s Healthy Granola


Healthy granola I surprised myself on this one, because I cannot abide the flavor of coconut. Guess what. This recipe has coconut oil and unsweetened coconut in it, and I can’t taste the coconut at all. My daughter-in-law Katie came up with this healthy granola recipe and gladly shared it with me. This healthy granola is a hearty, healthy, and happy dish. It’s easy to mix up and make. Store it in a container with … Read more

How to Parent and Who Knows Best – Mom or Dad?

how to parent

No instruction manual There is no instruction manual for how to parent. Since children don’t come with a manual, parents are left to wing it. Sort of. If you’re a follower of Jesus, you get wisdom and advice from the Bible on parenting by praying for wisdom in dealing with your kiddos, and by talking to other folks who have journeyed this path before you. The way we parent is usually based on the way … Read more

Mandrakes for Sex – and Why One Wife is Best

one wife is best

Jacob’s wives: when one wife is best. Jacob had two wives – but he had twelve sons born of four women. Two of the women were the servant girls of his wives. These girls were “given” to him to provide children for the actual wives. Did they realize that one wife is best? The story line tells us that two sisters were given to Jacob as wives one week apart. Jacob worked seven years for … Read more