Corn Pudding

I don’t remember having corn pudding as a child. I suppose that’s because it’s a southern dish, and I grew up north of the Mason Dixon line. For me, it was love at first bite. I think it will be for you, too, If you want a delightful taste of home, have some corn pudding. […]

The Case of the Broken Doll

Her name was Cynthia, and I named her after the daughter of my cousin from Iowa. I was fascinated by Cynthia because she was adopted and didn’t look like any of my other cousins. Cynthia was a light brown/brunette, and my doll matched her hair color, so Cynthia it was. The naming of the dolls […]

Why Valentine’s Day is Sweeter Than it was Years Ago

Valentine’s Day on February 14 is another day when folks celebrate “true love.” For some folks, this day is one of heartache and pain. That’s how it used to be for Trudy. But I’m getting ahead of the story. My bi-monthly trip to the Bloodmobile at Winn’s Creek Baptist Church is always a fun time. […]

Apple Cake

This apple cake is actually a cross between a cake and a bread. It’s the perfect dish to take when you’ve been asked to bring a finger food. Not too rich and not too sweet, it blends both fruit and protein into a moist cake. We served this recently at a church Christmas dinner to […]

The Thing About Creativity in Kids

We are all creative. Some of us seem to be more creative than others. Our creativity is different from one person to another, and there is better or best way to be creative. It’s not just genetics that gives us creativity. Sometimes it’s our environment, which can also squelch any creativity one might have. There […]

Finding My Jerusalem

The conversation over a fellowship lunch at church dealt with the California parents charged with child neglect and abuse of their thirteen children, charges to which they pled not guilty. I noticed the men were matter-of-fact and trying to figure out what kind of VT graduate (we’re all fans here) would do what this father did. The […]

Orange Fluff

Some folks call this a salad, and some folks serve it as a dessert. Since it has jello and cottage cheese, pineapple and cool whip, you can call it whatever you like. I serve it as a salad because it has more “salad” than “dessert”, me thinks. You need four ingredients, and you can use […]

When Saying Goodbye is Not Forever

Saying goodbye is not forever if you belong to the family of God. I know that in my head, and I believe it with my heart. On a Friday evening in January, my brother Allen crossed the shores of the Jordan and entered the Promised Land for eternity. It happened on his oldest brother’s 91st […]

“I’m a Mother, Not an Octopus!”

One of the biggest differences between a human mother and a mother octopus is the amount of “arms” each one has. I used that analogy often when my kids had something they wanted me to do for them. With a half-dozen wanting homework help or help with chores, there were days I felt pulled in […]

Oven Baked Cube Steak

There is a tried and true method of having meat come out tender in your oven. Slow-bake it for a long time instead of doing the “hurry up” method (which is merely a hotter oven for a shorter amount of time.) For cube steak, I like to dredge the steaks in flour and then brown […]