Second-Guessing Your Parenting

second guessing your parenting

Second guessing = stymied A problem with disciplining our kids or other folks’ kids is that we second-guess ourselves. Am I being too hard? Am I being fair? Maybe I should give him one more chance. These are things that entered my mind when we were raising our kids. Let me tell you, it’s not wise to be second guessing our parenting. There were so many books, so many talk shows, and so many articles … Read more

How to Say “I’m Sorry” – No Ifs, Ands, or Buts

Sorry, not sorry. Saying “I’m sorry” can be so hard to do. It was late Sunday afternoon and the sisters on the playground had been having a great time. One of them did something to upset the other one. Each of them wanted to tell me what the other one had done wrong, and neither was anxious to confess her own wrongdoing. The gentle playground scene changed instantly when the squabble began, and the swings … Read more

Homemade Trail Mix

trail mix

Homemade trail mix saves the day. When I need a quick food boost or feel like nibbling, I tend to go to whatever is easiest. Sometimes that’s good, and sometimes it’s not so good. My daughter Sarah Beth came up with her own trail mix (to make it what she likes and to decrease cost). She only uses four ingredients, but it’s not a rigid rule. You can make your own trail mix. Use ingredients … Read more

The Complete Guide to Online Parental Controls – Guest Post

online parental controls

The digital world and our kids. The digital world has unfortunately become a parent’s worst nightmare. How can parents educate themselves about not only the threats of social media, but also online material that is available to our children? They can probably find it quicker and better than we can. We need to be educated, informed, and aware. It’s a long post, so fasten your seat belts and take the journey to being well-informed and to helping … Read more

Listen to Yourself and How You Sound

how we sound

How do we sound? I remember days of hearing discord in our house when I’d walk into a room and tell a kid, “Listen to yourself! Do you know  how you sound?!” Another day, I came home from work talking about someone I’d been in close contact with all day. My teenage son told me he was tired of having to listen to me spout off about this person – and perhaps I should think … Read more