New Potatoes in the Skin

potatoes in the skin

In the skin, for sure. Ah, the joys of summer produce – including new potatoes! I have a bag of new white potatoes and one of new red potatoes. They’re such an easy addition to a meal. Potatoes in the skin add nutrition and roughage to your diet. Why peel a potato when you can simply wash the skin and eat it, too? One of my favorite ways to fix new potatoes takes less than … Read more

How to Pray The Heart of God For Your Kids

Praying by the Word. You want to know the best way to learn about somebody you’ve never met?  Read about the things that were important to them. Familiarize yourself with the things  they themselves said or wrote. Talk to people who rubbed shoulders with them. It’s a perfect blueprint for finding accurate information. You want to know the best way to pray for your kids and people who are important to you? Read about the … Read more

How Backwards Planning Helps Me Put My Best Foot Forward

Backwards planning. Backwards planning  might seem like a paradox to you, but it’s a guaranteed way to keep you oiled, lubed, and able to keep moving forward. If you think you spend a lot of time spinning your wheels, then these tips are for you. While on the outside I appear organized, I still meet more in-the-nick-of-time deadlines than I’d like. I clean off my desk and come across forgotten (important) papers. I’ve missed other … Read more

Cooked Carrots with Maple Syrup Glaze

cooked carrots

Cooked carrots. Cooked carrots are easier for kids and older folks to eat than raw carrots. Adding a touch of sweetness helps with flavor and enjoyment. A hint of butter with a touch of glazed real maple syrup over the carrots is a dainty way to put it up a notch. For this recipe, I’ve used regular carrots and I have used baby carrots. Sometimes I cut the carrots into rounds, and sometimes I slice … Read more

When Submission Means You Speak UP


To begin with: The road of submission has two ditches. Before you begin reading, let me remind you that our fallen nature has folks on both sides of those ditches. I realize there are women who are subtly domineering; women who are controlling, and women who are blatantly disrespectful of their spouses. This post is not talking about any of those women. Nor is it an encouragement to these women to continue this behavior. There … Read more