When Saying “Sorry” Isn’t Enough

saying sorry isn't enough

Saying sorry  isn’t enough when we only say the words. Sometimes I think I’ve spent my life saying “I’m sorry” for things I did or failed to do. A forgotten commitment, words spoken harshly or hastily, or anxious worry – all of these I am prone to do. When I’m sincere, folks are willing to accept my apology of “I’m sorry.” They also, hopefully, are able to see that my intent is to remember, to … Read more

When Your Candle Burns Low and Slow

candle burns low and slow

Varied candles No matter the type of candle a person has been, when he is beyond retirement, the light from the candle is the same. Some of us are tall, tapered candles; some are hurricane lamps; others are votive candles. No matter the type of person (candle) we are, our lives have reduced darkness by sharing light. Yet now, our candle burns low and slow. As we grow older and more feeble, our light should … Read more

Easy Homemade Butterhorns

Butterhorns – taste the difference of homemade. These easy homemade butterhorn rolls are a delight to serve. You can make them ahead of time and freeze them. Place the butterhorns on a tray about three hours before you want to serve them, and let them rise as they thaw. I got this recipe from my sister Loretta years ago, and sometimes I only make half a batch. Most times, I make the entire batch and … Read more

How Worship Calibrates the Soul

worship calibrates the soul

About calibrations. Worship calibrates the soul. What does it mean to calibrate or to be calibrated? The purpose of calibrating an instrument is to insure its accuracy. An instrument does us no good if it is not accurate. Whether we are using a thermometer, a thermostat, an air pressure gauge, or a timer, we need to have a standard by which we measure. Calibration must be carried out on a regular basis because things happen … Read more

Marriage: Saying “I told you so!”

I told you so!

It’s Natural No matter what the disagreement, the line I told you so! vindicates one person and charges the other with guilt.  It’s so quick to come out of our mouths that it’s quite obvious these words have been in our brain for a while. This thought has probably been sitting there in our minds, just waiting for the opportune time to spout it off to prove that this time, we are right. That’s because nobody likes … Read more