Worshiping God When Life Hurts

One of the last things we want to do when we are feeling hurt or betrayed is worship God. Yet worship is the very thing David does after the loss of his son. It is also what we should do.  David is called a man after God’s own heart.  It wasn’t because David was sinless, for he […]

#3 – What I’d Do Differently in Raising Kids – Instant Obedience

Instant obedience instead of delayed obedience. That’s one other thing I’d do differently if I were raising my children again. It’s a response to the question my kids asked me the other week. For starters, I don’t think we parents need to walk around, ready to drop the gauntlet on any child who does not […]

Snow Peas and Squash

Summer is a wonderful time to enjoy fresh vegetables. Even if you don’t have a garden, you can purchase vegetables at Farmer’s Markets or roadside stands.  When you’re planning your menu, consider varieties of color, taste, and texture. There are opportunities to mix and match many different vegetables.  When you don’t have enough of one […]

To My Stepfather

  You showed me tonight how our old kitchen barometer works – telling me about mercury, explaining its pressure on the earth, and showing me the coil and chain inside the glass working together to position the needle of the barometer. That’s the first time anyone ever explained it to me. I never had a […]

#2 – What I’d Do Differently in Raising Kids – Structure and Schedules

When my kids asked me what I’d do differently in raising them, this is the one I mentioned first. I hate rigidity, but I know that kids do better when they have schedules and structure. Therein was my dilemma – finding that balance. I enjoyed sleeping in during summer days, especially if I had been […]

Chicken Bites

Chicken Bites is a fun dish to make, and one that children and adults will be sure to like. You can make this recipe ahead and then refrigerate the dish. The next day you can put it in the oven and just heat it through slowly. I did this the other weekend – made the […]

The Swimsuit Part of the Pageant

It’s about time! The now, all-woman board of the Miss America Pageant has nixed the swimsuit competition for this year’s pageant. The reason, they say, is because they want the pageant to focus “on intellect, personality, talent and accomplishment,” according to the chairwoman of the organization. We know that the choosing of a spouse should be […]

#1 What I’d Do Differently In Raising Kids – the Saturday Job List

My kids asked me the other day what things I’d do differently in raising our half dozen. I named a few, but the one thing my kids wanted to hear from me was about “the list” that I made weekly for the work that was to be done on Saturday. (I’ll share about the other […]

Spinach Salad with Homemade Dressing

I fixed salad with strawberries for the first time last summer. This spring I was helping a niece and she served this salad with a homemade dressing. Of course I had to get the recipe, which came from my sister Alice. While this dressing does has sugar in it, you will only need a tablespoon […]

Coming Home Empty

Empty. That’s what happens to us when there is sorrow. This story has a lot of sorrow in it. Three graves, for one thing. A foreign land, for another. Emptiness and loneliness and bitterness. So many unanswered questions! It’s also one of the best love stories in the Bible.  You have to get beyond the sorrow […]