Parenting Aces – Allowing Forbidden Fruit- #4

The Boys The boys – there were three of them – were out of sorts with life, with each other, and their mother. There was nothing to do. Nothing at all, mind you. It was such a boring day and each one dared her to say it was otherwise. The Boredom It was raining outside […]

Peach Dumplings

Peach dumplings. You can make these with a sauce or without a sauce. You can use a pie crust or the recipe below, which includes milk in the mix.  Serve the dumplings with ice cream, with milk, or plain. Decrease the sugar in the sauce if it’s too sweet.  Add the nutmeg the recipe calls […]

A Song on Life’s Sea – Rock of Ages

  You know what I love about singing familiar hymns? They take me back to my childhood and to the church in which I grew up. Those songs I heard as a child have stayed with me all these years. On a Sunday morning a few weeks ago, Dave and I sang Rock of Ages together. […]

Parenting Aces – Merciful Consequence – #3

Nestled among trees in rural southern Virginia, the trailer stood sheltered and hidden from the road. It was not the distance that prevented travelers on the road from seeing the trailer. It was the trees. She had been struggling to recover from Lyme disease, fully cognizant of the fact that the owner of the neighboring […]

Swiss Style Müesli

This Swiss Style Müseli is a favorite breakfast dish of mine since I am a fan of all things oatmeal and yogurt. My aunt introduced the concept of this dish to me in 1984. Aunt Kate gave me a recipe for Bürcher Müssli (Swiss), served to her first in 1955 when she was working as a […]

A Quiet – and not so Quiet – Sea

  The gentle lull of the cruise ship and the lapping of waves induced calmness and tranquility as we sailed north over the Pacific Ocean.  A misty sky beckoned its welcome as morning haziness met our eyes. We awoke to realize we had slept well past the 7AM service on the ship. Nevertheless, this was the […]

Parenting Aces – Food for Thought #2

The Family and the Farm The family lived on a farm and had many animals to be tended. The children showed in the livestock show, but also had responsibilities for other animals on the farm. As the kids got older, they had chores regarding animals. In addition, they had responsibilities with crops and general farm […]

Honey Dinner Rolls

Honey dinner rolls add a little extra oomph to your dinner. These rolls are fluffy, yet a little sturdier than regular dinner rolls. I suppose that’s because of the honey, eggs, and milk in the dough. The original recipe calls for scalding the milk first, but I don’t. I have a feeling this recipe originally […]

Those High Places – and What was Wrong With Them

If you’ve done much Old Testament reading, you’ve come across the phrase High Places. It is mentioned over 100 times in the Old Testament.  Usually, the high places are mentioned in reference to a new king and whether or not he took down the high places or allowed them to remain. So what were those “High Places”? […]

Parenting Aces – The Hole in the Wall #1

The Mom My friend Shelley had quite a few tricks up her sleeve, and we often shared parenting struggles with each other. Our boys were nearly the same age, and we compared notes almost weekly when we met with Moms in Touch. There were times we laughed hysterically, and there were times we shared tears with […]