Golden Cheese Broccoli Chowder

broccoli chowder

Chowders in any season Wintertime is a favorite time for soups and chowders. Spruce it up with some homemade bread or rolls, and add some veggies on the side if you’d like. This broccoli chowder fits the bill for aesthetics, nutrition, and flavor. When my kids were young (under three), I made broccoli chowder often. I’m not sure what happened, but I got out of the mode and a few years later when I re-introduced … Read more

Choosing Favorites in Parenting Your Children

favorites in parenting

Favorite kids Favorite kids in parenting happens more frequently than many of us care to admit. An honest parent admits when he likes one child’s personality or disposition better than another child’s. Sometimes our “like” is governed by our own interests that coincide with a particular child. Sometimes we dislike a child because he reminds us of someone else in the family line. We might never come out and say it.  Sometimes we don’t even … Read more

A Person of Dignity


What dignity is Dignity  is the state or quality of being worthy of honor or respect. It is a way of appearing or behaving that suggests seriousness and self-control. When someone displays this trait, he shows it to those around him, no matter their social status. It is a reserve and a seriousness of manner. When I think of someone we know who has dignity, I think of Queen Elizabeth. Well-known the world over, she exhibits … Read more

Steak Quiche

steak quiche

Steak Quiche A quiche is a baked flan or tart with a pastry crust and a savory filling thickened with eggs. This steak quiche recipe can be changed or adapted to suit your taste and the preferences of your family. This steak quiche dish is an easy assemble, especially if you have extra steak from another meal and a pie crust on hand. You can substitute the steak for another meat, such as chicken or … Read more

Why I’m Buying New Underwear

God speaks about unmentionables God spoke to me today about underwear.  My underwear, that is. He really did (speak to me, that is).  Oh, it wasn’t in an audible voice, but I heard Him, nevertheless. I think all underwear should fit well, and so I’ve done the getting measured for the right size and style at important, well-known lingerie stores. I’ve spent time trying them on and asking the clerk about styles and closure and … Read more