When Life Isn’t Fair – and What God Should Do About It

We travelled to Ohio for the funeral of Dave’s cousin Myron. Uncle Bert, Myron’s father, had seen more death in his life than was fair. He lost his first wife and an infant son in childbirth and was left with one son and one daughter. Now this son was gone. We came inside and met […]

The Thing About a Wash Line

The Best Thing The thing about a wash line is that there is nothing, but nothing that feels and smells as good as bedsheets freshly dried on a wash line. There’s nothing like cloth diapers dried on a wash line as well. Especially if you hang them out at night or early in the morning. […]

Lettuce Salad with Hard Boiled Eggs & Homemade Dressing

Summertime salads are fun because they are made with fresh ingredients. Yet even when you don’t have access to fresh garden ingredients, this salad will still hit the spot. All you need is lettuce and/or spinach and some hard-boiled eggs for the salad. If you want to add some diced bacon on top, you can. […]

What Moses Lost When He Failed to Hallow God’s Name

The day Moses failed to hallow God’s name brought severe and lasting consequences. Years later, the moment came when God finally said to Moses, “I am done talking about this. You are not going.” It makes me wonder how many times Moses had asked! You see, many years before this, Moses sinned. The consequence given by God […]

Two Things I Learned From Cleaning Our Room

Cleaning was never on our list of favorites, especially when it came to cleaning our bedroom. I have to smile when I remember how we (finally) found an agreeable way to clean our bedroom. There were six of us in the room, and we had three double beds. It was a  huge 12′ x 20′ […]

Whole Wheat Buttermilk Bread

This buttermilk whole wheat bread is a new recipe for me, but I will be making it often. If you love wheat bread, you’ll like this recipe. The buttermilk and eggs in the recipe give it an added texture and protein. My family enjoys this bread, which can be sliced and put into the freezer […]

If Life Caves In – and What Not To Do

The Wise Man and the Foolish Man Jesus told the story about two different men who built a house. Children who grew up in Sunday school sang about those two men: the wise man and the foolish man. Perhaps when we sang that song, we didn’t understand what we were singing about because we hadn’t […]

Life Lessons from a Seesaw

Recess was always the best time of the day, especially when we could do whatever we wanted outside. At the back of the school were tall trees offering plenty of shade and roots so wide that “rooms” could be created in a “house”. There were swings, a seesaw, and always plenty of kids who wanted […]

Pecan Bars

Ever since I first tried these pecan bars over twenty-five years ago, I’ve loved this recipe. I got the recipe from my friend Lynn, who told me it came from Southern Living. It’s been so many years ago that she has no idea who the author was for this recipe. Truth be told, I only […]

Encouraging Your Spouse to be Who He Is (Instead of Trying to Make Him Into Someone He’s Not)

Iron sharpening iron One of the worst things a gal can do for her husband is to compare him with other men or try to change him. It’s true that we are called to be a helpmeet for our husbands, but that doesn’t include changing him into somebody he’s not. It’s true that two are (usually) better […]