Relationships: Scattering or Gathering

gathering or scattering

Bringing down the attic. My friend chose gathering instead of scattering when her kids came home. She went up to her attic one day and retrieved boxes of photographs, school reports, art projects, and other paraphernalia from her kids’ childhoods. Scattered in various states and countries, they arrived home to deal with an urgent issue at hand. Each brought his own frustrations at the situation. Some brought unpleasant memories of past childhood and family instances. … Read more

Skillet-Oven Salmon


The How-to. Credit for this recipe and photos goes to my daughter Sarah Beth. I’ve had salmon in her home many times and enjoy making this recipe. You can fix this recipe in under thirty minutes, from refrigerator to table. All you’ll need is a cast iron skillet (preferably), butter, salt and pepper, salmon, and a meat thermometer. Turn your oven to 400 and place cast iron skillet on a burner turned onto medium. Season … Read more

The SAD Regimen – a Guest Post by Dorcas Smucker


Why we need to learn about SAD Our son and his bride moved to the west coast where winter days are dismal and gray. “It’s dreary out here in the winter,” he told me. The first thing I (THE mom) told him to do was take Vitamin D! “You both need to take Vitamin D,” I said. Did they listen? I don’t know because I keep forgetting to ask. Maybe they’ll read this post and … Read more

Wisdom: the Principal Thing


Asking for wisdom – a command A person who is mature and complete has wisdom, and we are told to get wisdom! We are also to get understanding. We get these from experience and by asking and receiving from God. The wisest man who ever lived did just that when he was young, inexperienced, and afraid. Seeking for wisdom The beginning of wisdom is recognizing that we don’t know everything, and that we are lacking! … Read more

Creamed Peas

creamed peas

Creamed peas are comfort food I’ll grant you that creamed peas add more carbs to the menu than just cooking them plain. I’ll also grant you that these are a comfort food. My hubby loves creamed peas, and sometimes when he’s had a hectic, horrendous day, I add these to the menu. You won’t want to serve these all the time, but once a month is okay, because I said so. Some folks prefer not … Read more