How the Old Songs are Always New

old songs

Old equals new. I cleaned out the pantry the other day. In spite of my diligence in mouse-proofing our house, a bunch of critters outsmarted me and had a feast in the pantry. Oh, they didn’t get into food in sealed containers. They did, however, try to make a feast out of the shelf liners and left evidence that their intestinal systems are working fine. Now that everything is clean and back in place, guess … Read more

Refrigerator Potatoes (Mashed)

Planning ahead for mashed refrigerator potatoes The cool thing about this mashed potato recipe is that it can be made several days ahead and kept in the refrigerator. You can make an extra amount of mashed potatoes earlier in the week, keep some separate from your finished product for your meal, and then use them to assemble this dish.  Or, if you happen to have more potatoes left-over than you’d planned, this recipe works well. … Read more

Helping Your Kids Choose Character over Accomplishments

character over accomplishments

Character over accomplishments. As parents, we must applaud character over accomplishments. Yet that’s easier said than done. There’s not a parent in the world who doesn’t want his child to be successful. Yet, many of us are guilty of pushing success over character qualities. Why is that? Is it because “success” is easier to measure than character? Can we more readily define one’s success than character growth? Or is it because we know others are … Read more

The Mystery of Marriage

mystery of marriage

photo by Karsten Paulick/Pixabay Marriage purpose and mystery. Marriage mystery? You have heard that phrase before? When something is hard to understand, it’s a mystery. There is a mystery of marriage. In our human thinking, we could say that the purpose of marriage is for two people to be happy and fulfilled. In our humanness, we want to think marriage gives us identify, significance, and value. Does it? Should it? Let’s see what God says … Read more

Fresh Garden Mint Tea

mint tea

Garden Mint Tea Mint tea is a refreshing beverage, whether it’s served hot or cold. In summertime, ice cold garden mint tea adds refreshment. Making mint tea is not difficult – as long as you have some mint! You can make a concentrate if you have plenty of tea. To get started, gather your mint. Beg or borrow from a friend, buy some at a Farmer’s Market, or grow your own in flower beds or … Read more