How Finding the Source Provides the Solution

finding the source

Finding the source. Any doctor can treat the symptoms of a disease; he can assume he knows the problem. ‘Trouble is, sometimes the symptoms take us down the wrong path to finding a solution. That is why it is important to find the source, or root cause of the problem. Once we know that, we can find the solution. It’s that way in any area of life. Whether it’s your marriage, kids, fellow employees, or church comrades, … Read more

Chicken BBQ

chicken bbq

Making chicken BBQ This Chicken BBQ is not a specific-ingredient recipe. You’ll need boneless chicken (preferably thighs or leg quarters), barbecue sauce and chicken broth. You can also add Salt and Pepper as desired. You can also used canned chicken breasts, but it will not be as moist. If you have leftover chicken, feel free to use that, too. I start by cooking chicken in my Instant Pot – with 2 cups of water on … Read more

Persistence: A Mother’s Fight


Plucky Mama shows a mother’s fight. She is a plucky little thing, our wren. But then, she’s a mother, and I haven’t met a mom yet who wasn’t plucky when it came to her children.  She definitely has that nesting instinct! And she showed me about a mother’s fight for her young. I first discovered evidence of her pluck when it was time to do laundry one Monday morning. The kids were in school, and … Read more

How to Defeat Your Enemy

defeat your enemy

The wrong way. The real way to defeat your enemy is not the wrong way. We think of defeating someone as overpowering, taking control, taking charge, or annihilating them, like David with Goliath. Total control and total defeat of a foe, that’s what most folks think of when they think of defeating an enemy. To win in this way, the enemy is the one who controls our responses and our actions. We watch their next … Read more

Peanut Butter Pie

peanut butter pie

The pie For this recipe, you need a pre-baked pie crust, pudding, and Cool whip or whipped cream topping. You’ll also need smooth peanut butter and powdered sugar. That sums it up! This pie is best (of course) if you use homemade pudding. You can always used instant or cooked pudding from “a box” if you are in a pinch for time. A recipe for homemade pudding is linked below. The crust For this peanut … Read more