Why Women Should Cry Real Tears


The Detriment of Stifling Tears “I remember standing at the kitchen sink washing dishes and telling myself, ‘I will not cry, I will not cry, I will not cry,’” she told me. “What was wrong with crying if you were hurting?” I asked. “He made fun of me when I was upset or hurt. Every time I cried, he’d ridicule me. I got to where I got strong enough that I didn’t have to cry … Read more

The Problem with Inferiority


Inferiority is real. Many of us struggle with inferiority. Sometimes it is because of things ingrained into us from little up. Often it’s because of things others say or do to us. Many times, it’s because of what we do. As kids, we had no control over the things people said to us that made us feel inferior.  It’s true that we have no control over what others say or do to us that gives … Read more

Shepherd’s Pie

shepherd's pie

The Pie Shepherd’s pie is a dish that can use some left-over items. If you fried a bunch of hamburger and have some leftover, if you’ve got a bowl of mashed potatoes left, or even if you have some vegetables leftover, you can combine them to make this dish. The How Saute some onions and garlic in butter, then add your fried hamburger (or fry your hamburger in with the onions and garlic); then add … Read more

What Kids Learn When They Do Their Own Work

own work

Parenting: Teaching Our Kids to Work There are many examples in the Bible that can help us parent. It’s never a bad idea to parent the way God parents us. As parents (and particularly as moms), we tend to think our kids need more help than they really do. These kids of ours have learned how to make us feel responsible to help them – or do their work for them. I knew a mom … Read more