How to Know if You are a Horrible Mother

horrible mother

You can tell if you are a horrible mother by comparing yourself to other moms. You know, the moms who have no struggles with their kids. The moms who keep a tidy house, a ship-shape schedule, and plan totally nutritious meals, usually made from scratch. The moms who never raise their voice, who always take time to listen to their child, and whose kids love them unconditionally. Because, after all, that’s how we decide if … Read more

This Season – Choose Faith or Fear

faith or fear

Faith- or Fear? It’s Christmas time. For some of us, the season brings peace, joy, and hope. For others, it brings fear. We’re no different from the folks who walked this earth when the Messiah was born. Some of them responded with faith, and others with fear. Which one do we represent? The Wise Men Those wise men were gentile people. Wealthy and scholars of the times, they set out on a journey. That journey … Read more

Homemade (Microwave) Pudding

microwave pudding

This homemade pudding recipe can be used for pies, graham cracker pudding, or for just eating plain. You can make it vanilla or chocolate, and you can use brown sugar instead of white to give it a butterscotch flavor. The ingredients are what you will have in your kitchen, and you can know exactly what is and is not in this pudding. You can control the amount of sugar if you want to decrease it … Read more

Why Center Stage is Not for Me

center stage

When we’re not center stage, we tend to think  life isn’t fair. When life isn’t fair, I try to remember 4 things I learned from the Christmas story. This age-old story has hidden truths if we but open the Playbook and look. When I was a child, my family attended a Christmas cantata every year in a neighboring town. The characters, songs, and script were different every year, but the story remained the same. One … Read more

All I Want for Christmas

center stage

All I Want for Christmas. When it comes to getting ready for Christmas, I admit that I can get caught up in the frantic frenzy of holiday hustle in this season. I confess that I make my lists and try to get things crossed off in efficient order. Each year, I think there’s got to be a better way to do Christmas! I try to be more organized, plan ahead, and discard the unnecessary events and … Read more