The Earth Trembles: A Fool When He is Filled with Food

fool filled with food

A fool filled with food Proverbs  tells us that there are three, yes, four things that cause the earth to tremble. The first one is a slave who becomes king. The second one is a fool when he is filled with food. Who is a fool? A person who acts unwisely or imprudently. An imprudent person is one who does not show care for the consequences of his actions. He is rash. A rash person shows … Read more

Speak Your Child’s Language

your child's language

Your child’s language Learn to speak your child’s language. His is different than yours. Too often adults speak to children in a language they don’t understand. That is because our kids are not well-versed in our language. Pre-school children do not have a grasp on time or days beyond today. So, we need to speak their language. A young child does not understand what “time out for five minutes” means. He does not speak “time” … Read more

Appetizer Tortilla Roll-ups

appetizer tortilla roll-ups

Tortilla Roll-ups I came across this recipe for Appetizer Tortilla Roll-ups so long ago that I can’t remember where I first found it. In the meantime, I’ve adapted and made some changes to the original recipe. I’ve served these appetizer tortilla roll-ups at home, at sled-riding parties, teas, refreshments after an event, and other special occasions. They make a great appetizer or snack for family or for guests. With this recipe, you can add or … Read more

The Earth Trembles: When a Slave Becomes a King

The earth trembles when a slave becomes king Proverbs tells us that there are three, yet four things that cause the earth to tremble. The first is when a slave becomes  king. We enjoy rags to riches stories, and we want the underdog to win. Yet the point of this proverb is not about the slave when he is a slave. Rather, it is about what happens to his head and his heart when he … Read more

The Blueprint of Marriage

marriage blueprint

Blueprint Source The blueprint of marriage is found in God’s Word. A blueprint is a complete design or plan that explains how to develop or do something. When there is no blueprint or pattern, we tend to wing it on our own. How often folks say, “When all else fails, read the directions.” It really does help to read the directions! It helps even more when we follow the directions of the plan. What makes … Read more