Delectable Chocolate Cake with Cream Cheese Filling

Delectable and Delicious When you see this delectable chocolate cake, you’ll think it is difficult to make. It isn’t, especially if you make it a few days or a week ahead and freeze the cake. Then, the day before you want to serve it, slice it horizontally (while still partially frozen), mix up the filling, and put the four layers together. You can even make the filling a day ahead if you’d like, which decreases … Read more

Danish Dessert Sauce by Cindy

strawberry pie

Fruit – in a Danish Sauce. This dessert sauce fits the bill for many fruits. It’s strawberry season – and time for strawberry desserts. That, of course, includes strawberry pie!  We are also nearing blueberry and blackberry season. Next peaches will be growing on trees. This sauce works well with fruits in season. In fact, you can use frozen fruit if you’d like. This recipe uses less sugar and is still just as tasty as … Read more

Panna Cotta – with Greek Yogurt

panna cotta

Panna cotta is an Italian dish and is considered a light dessert. Since this recipe contains yogurt, I also consider it a healthy snack. One of the greatest compliments I received on this recipe was the day I took a sample to an Italian friend of mine. The week before I asked her if she liked Panna Cotta.  “Oh my yes,” she said. “My grandma used to make it. She used blackberries and we ate … Read more

Naomi’s Cinnamon Rolls

cinnamon rolls

 A Twist of a Cinnamon Roll The cinnamon roll recipe and design Cinnamon rolls are always a treat, especially for kids. And for adults. Well, they’re a treat for anybody! My friend Naomi is a mom of eight – six girls and two boys. Would you say that means plenty of help in the kitchen?! Naomi has a unique twist of a cinnamon roll, and she kindly offers her recipe and photos to help you … Read more

Snickerdoodle Cookies

snickerdoodle cookies

Where these cookies got their name is beyond me. They have nothing to do with snickers candy, for sure! This is an easy recipe, and gives variety to the usual chocolate or oatmeal cookies that are prevalent today. You’ll need the usual cookie ingredients, plus cream of tartar. And, for the mixture to roll the dough in, you’ll need cinnamon and sugar. Easy mix, easy bake. Yum! Save Print Snickerdoodle Cookies Author: My Windowill Recipe type: Dessert … Read more