No Bake Creamy Cheesecake

creamy cheesecake

The cream of creamy! If you like cream cheese and creamy, you’ll love this recipe. The ingredients are a lot like the recipe for Cream Cheese Delight, but it’s creamier because of one ingredient, richer because of the amount of cream cheese, and uses two flavorings instead of one. This creamy cheesecake freezes well, which is another plus. I need to remember that the next time I make it! My friend and cousin-in-law Jeannette Hartman … Read more

Graham Cracker Pudding

Prenuptial agreement Graham Cracker Pudding takes me back to my childhood when picnics and church potluck dinners had every imaginable dessert – including this dish – from which to choose. Dave and I had only one prenuptial agreement, and that was about graham crackers. You see, I grew up on Honey Maid graham crackers, and it’s the only brand I eat – if I can help it. A few months before we were married, we were … Read more

Thimble Cookies

Kid-favorite cookies These thimble cookies are a favorite for kids to help make and to eat!  Actually, adults like them as much as the children do. Ever since I can remember, we’ve been making these cookies. They’re called “thimble” because you put a dent about the size of a thimble in the middle of a round ball of dough. To make that dent, you push a thimble into the dough ball or use your finger. … Read more

Christmas Sugar Cookies

sugar cookie

Christmas sugar cookies. It is the Christmas season. Sugar cookies are in order, of course. Break out your cookie cutters and mix up a batch of these cookies. This is a recipe that kids can help with because you mix it all by hand. So have at it with your little ones. Mix the wet ingredients together, mix the butter with the flour, and then mix it all together. My mama used to say “Many … Read more

Easy Pumpkin Torte

pumpkin torte

Easy Pumpkin Torte. It is pumpkin time! For the next month, anything pumpkin is bound to be considered in season. If you want something other than pumpkin pie, try this easy pumpkin torte. For this recipe, ginger snap cookie crumbs give a zing to the crust. You can use graham crackers instead – or you can mix the two together if you’d rather not have as much zing. This easy pumpkin torte is a four-layer … Read more