Homemade Tapioca

Homemade tapioca memories. Every once in a while, I get a hankering to have some homemade tapioca.  Maybe it’s because it reminds me of custard without the heaviness of a custard. Perhaps it’s because my mother used to make this and it reminds  me of my childhood. Or, maybe it’s just because it’s plain, wholesome good. Why tapioca While considered a starch, tapioca has many good qualities. Tapioca has a low level of saturated fat, … Read more

Rice Krispie Treats

rice krispie treats

Rice Krispie Treats Rice Krispie treats are a favorite of kids. The thing that’s fun about this recipe is that you can make it seasonal. Sprinkle red and green, red or pink valentines, or shamrocks in with the mixture and you’ve got an instant seasonal dessert. When you’ve got Rice Krispie cereal or marshmallows in abundance, use them up in this recipe. It’s best to use fresh marshmallows, but I confess I’ve pulled some out … Read more

Pecan Pie Muffins

pecan pie muffins

Easy muffins If you love nuts and you love muffins, you’ll enjoy this recipe for pecan pie muffins. I discovered it on a blog from an Amish woman, Lovina. The link for her blog is at the end of this post. You might enjoy following her and learning more about her world. I have decreased the amount of sugar in the original recipe. I wonder if oatmeal could be added to the mix, but I … Read more

Fresh Homemade Apple Pie

Fresh is best. I know that a freshly baked apple pie is the very best – especially when it’s homemade. I  have a recipe for  homemade apple pie filling, and that’s usually my go-to for apple pie.  When you’re out of ingredients for a freshly-baked pie, homemade apple pie filling  is next best.  If you want to can some homemade pie filling, go to that recipe. One day as I was out and about, I got … Read more

Hickory Nut Cake

Hickory Nuts and a cake. I first posted this recipe five years ago. Today is my mama’s birthday and I am posting it again in honor of her – and because this post has climbed to #7 in recipes from this blog since March 2020. Thank you, COVID quarantine! November 16, 2020. Today my mama is celebrates her 11th birthday in Heaven. We always had Hickory Nut Cake for her birthday. We still do. Now we … Read more