My Favorite Potato Salad

potato salad

The Best of the Best Hands down, this is my favorite potato salad recipe. I got it from my sisters in Maryland who got it from our niece-in-law Beth in Nebraska, who got it from her Grandma Cross in Indiana. Good recipes are like that. They travel by taste of mouth and before you know it, you’ve got a recipe that came from someone who got it from someone else who got it from . … Read more

Bean Salad

bean salad

Summer Salad When someone tells me they’re bringing bean salad to a carry-in, I get excited. When that someone is Dave’s aunt, I get doubly-excited! Aunt Babe (her real name is Miriam but she’s Babe to her family) got this recipe from her oldest sister Esther, so I guess we could say it’s Aunt Esther’s recipe. Have it your way bean salad As with any recipe, you can tweak the beans or the amounts of … Read more

Homemade Baked Beans

I know there are many choices of beans that a person can buy if they want to serve baked beans for a picnic or a potluck. Let me tell you this: after you’ve made this recipe, you won’t want to be just opening up a can of beans anymore. I got this recipe from my friend and neighbor Joyce who concocted it with a friend a few years back.  They were providing baked beans for … Read more

Stuffed Easter Eggs OR Deviled Eggs

Whatever-You-Call-’em-Eggs Whether you call them deviled eggs, stuffed eggs, salad eggs, picnic eggs or pickled eggs, they’re still the same. Recipes for these are as varied as the persons who make them. To make the whites of the eggs Easter or pastel colors, you simply peel the hard-boiled egg, cut the egg in half and remove the yolk. Store the yokes in a closed container in the refrigerator until ready to use. To color the … Read more

Sweet Potato Bake

A “sweet” potato dish. This sweet potato bake is a great addition to a spring or Easter meal. My family especially enjoys this dish at Thanksgiving and Christmas, but it works great anytime. If you want something festive for an occasion, try this dish. You can make it ahead of time and bake it the day you’re serving guests. Cooked sweet potatoes spruced up with nutmeg and other additions make this an easy entree to … Read more