When Things Don’t Make Sense – but God Means it for Good

God means it for good

The blueprint If only we could see the blueprint God has for us, we wouldn’t have so many questions! My husband told his mother one day, “I just wish I could see ahead into the future.” To which she replied, “You wouldn’t want to know. It’s better just to trust God.” She was right. God can use any mistakes and failures – and He will give beauty for ashes.  When things don’t make sense, there … Read more

Learning to Stay

learning to stay

Leaving or Staying. She sat across from me and said these words: “My family knows how to leave, but we don’t know how to stay. This time, I’m staying.”  She made a conscious choice to stay instead of running. Although she didn’t really know how to stay, she was bent on learning – and she was doing it by staying put. She was bound and determined – aimed at learning to stay. We tend to … Read more

Show, Don’t Tell

show and tell

e shouldShow and Tell Those elementary school days of show and tell are a great way to tell classmates about things in our lives. One day, I took our newborn to school for Show and Tell in our kindergartner’s class. How much more fun it was for him to show the baby than it would have been to bring photos or just tell about his baby sister. His classmates crowded around, wanting to see the new … Read more

How to Beat the Heat – For More Reasons than One

beat the heat

The peril of heat. The summer I spent as a camp nurse I learned a few things about dehydration. We set some rules for our campers, and we beat the heat. I’ve had to do the same with my kids and sometimes my hubby. Heat is vital to life. It can also be detrimental and damaging if not treated with respect. That’s why it’s important to combat its effects with hydration, protection, and rest.  Hydration … Read more

Sloppy Joe Sandwiches

A Sloppy Joe recipe from way back when I grew up on these and didn’t know there was a recipe for them. Then my mother told me that the recipe she used most often for these sandwiches was in the Mennonite Community Cookbook. It has a different name there: Barbecued Hamburger. As most of us do, I’ve tweaked mine a little at times, and most of the time I just dump in and stir the ingredients. Once … Read more