Parenting: Using “When . . . then.”

when . . . then

From “No” to “When . . . then . . . “ Use “When . . . then” with your kids, and it will change your parenting. It is easy to focus on the negative because that’s what it is: negative. Our child shirks responsibility, does not follow a rule, or refuses to  cooperate. We deal out consequences in many ways because there are many choices for the way we parent. We say things like … Read more

White Bread or Dinner Roll Recipe

white bread

Another bread recipe When you’re in the mood for a new white bread recipe, you ask your sisters. At least that’s what I did. Loretta does not remember where she got this recipe, but she has adapted it for her use. We had to estimate on the amount of flour because our mother’s daughters just dump flour in until it’s right. I made this same white bread recipe but forgot to count the cups of flour … Read more

The Tulsa Race Massacre

Tusan massacre

The Tulsa massacre. It has been ninety-nine years since the Tulsa massacre. Will Tulsa do something about its centennial in 2021? There are no words to describe the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre. You know what started this one? Jealousy. White people didn’t think black folks deserved to be as wealthy – and certainly not wealthier – than they were, so they took matters into their own hands.  The rest is partly-hidden-history. At least, that’s one … Read more

Autumn Treasures and Tradition

treasures and traditions

Treasures and tradition. Treasures and tradition bring us home. That’s how it was, and how it still is. Every fall when the leaves were at their peak, we waited anxiously for the day Mama came to pick us up from school. She monitored the changing colors and, just when she was certain the leaves were at their peak, she planned the trip. Instead of riding the bus home from school, Mama came to school at … Read more

Congealed Orange Pineapple Carrot Salad

The salad. This orange pineapple carrot salad is festive and refreshing. I enjoy it in the summer, but it also makes a nice addition to any meal. You’ll need a box of orange gelatin (regular or sugar-free works), shredded carrots, diced celery and drained, crushed pineapple. My family doesn’t notice if I use the sugar-free jello. I use the liquid from the pineapple for the cold water that is added to the jello, which helps … Read more