Gertrude-Slabach     You’re  invited . . .

     If I could, I’d invite you into my house. Though distance might prevent you from coming, you can still drop into my home and visit my world.   When you come, you’ll learn about my family, my interests, my life, my world, and my God.

    Sometimes I work as a nurse; sometimes I’m a foster mom.  Many times I’m a children’s teacher at church.   Most times I am a writer.  Always I’m a woman, a wife, a mother of six and a mother-in-law.  I share the common and ordinary of my days, not because I’m unique  or extraordinary, but because I know an extraordinary God.

    For several years, I was privileged to have a column in both a local community interest newsmagazine and an online e-zine. The online columns can be found in The Attic.   Columns from the news magazine have been compiled in the book Southside Glimmers.   Another book I have authored is  Aren’t We Having Fun Dying?! , the story of  Mom Slabach’s commitment to prepare us for her soon arrival in Heaven.  

You’ll find three categories of stories in My Windowsill:  Faith, Family, and Food.

     I’m a fellow pilgrim, and what I share really isn’t new or profound.  If you stay a while, you’ll gain insight from the lessons I’ve learned on my journey through life.  When you leave, it’s my hope that the brief visit will leave you feeling encouraged and inspired.

      I hope you’ll feel warmed, like the feeling the that comes from having an old quilt wrapped around you.  And, as you snuggle under that tapestry of life, it’s my prayer that you’ll experience that snug and cozy-kind-of-feeling to your day.

If you want to contact me, you can email me: