Pumpkin Lush Dessert

pumpkin lush

Pumpkin Lusciousness. You’ll find it in this pumpkin lush dessert. For those of you who love all things pumpkin, this dessert needs to be added to your recipe stash of all things scrumptious. My friend Bethany made this as one of the desserts we served at a rehearsal dinner a week ago. It was a hit! (But then, anything Bethany makes is a hit – which is why I knew I couldn’t go wrong when … Read more

Homemade Chicken Rice Soup

chicken rice soup

Delicious chicken rice soup. Homemade chicken rice soup! Whether you’re feeding a crowd or a small group, this soup will satisfy and warm you through. You can stretch it by adding more broth, more chicken, or more cream. My friend Shelley shared her recipe with me. You can add more or less seasoning, depending on your taste buds and the preferences of your family. Homemade chicken broth is by far the best. You control the … Read more

Hot Fudge Cake

hot fudge cake

Mixing the cake. The easy part about making this hot fudge cake is that you mix it all up in the same pan you’ll bake it – and serve it. You’ll need the batter first, then the sugar and chocolate layer, and hot water poured on top. Bake and let set for about ten minutes, then serve. When life is busy and hectic or when you have little hands wanting to help bake, this recipe … Read more

Creamy Tortellini Soup

The idea for this soup My daughter (Sarah Beth) texted me the other day. “I’m getting ready to make a soup – wish you were here to do it for me,” the text said.  Not to worry, I knew. She’d do fine on her own. I texted back, “Send me photos and the recipe when you’re done and I’ll put it on my blog.” So she did. “I rigged the recipe on my own,” she … Read more

Baked Sweet Potato Fries

sweet potatoes

Life is busy these days, so I am reposting this recipe from four years ago. Sweet Potato Fries  Most kids like these sweet potato fries. In the last four years, I’ve served these to over a dozen foster kids, and every single one of them begged for more.  If you have an excess of sweet potatoes, this recipe is a quick fix and goes with practically any meal.   The how of the sweet potato … Read more