Erma’s Homemade Bread

the bread is rising

A New Recipe There is nothing like the aroma of homemade bread, fresh out of the oven! I enjoy making bread, and I enjoy trying new recipes. This recipe makes a soft slice of bread – probably because it has milk as one of the ingredients. The story behind the recipe I begged this recipe off my niece who got it from her twin sister (also my niece, of course). Beth got the recipe from … Read more

Chicken Potato Chowder

chicken potato chowder

Chicken and Potatoes This chowder is hearty and healthy. The best part is that you get to add seasonings to your heart’s content. Use the seasonings your family likes and skip the ones they’d rather do without. You can add more cheese – or less. Stock for the chowder The best way to make this is to use your own stock. That means you cook a chicken – or parts of a chicken – in … Read more

Easy 1,2,3 Chicken Rice Casserole

chicken rice

Chicken Rice Casserole This easy chicken rice dish is quite versatile. While it calls for three kinds of soup, you can mix and match whatever you like. If your family is into mushrooms, add golden mushroom soup for one of your canned soups. If you prefer to steer away from cream of celery, just use a different soup instead. I’ve used chicken leg quarters, chicken thighs, and chicken breasts for this chicken rice dish. You … Read more

Graham Cracker Pudding

Prenuptial agreement Graham Cracker Pudding takes me back to my childhood when picnics and church potluck dinners had every imaginable dessert – including this dish – from which to choose. Dave and I had only one prenuptial agreement, and that was about graham crackers. You see, I grew up on Honey Maid graham crackers, and it’s the only brand I eat – if I can help it. A few months before we were married, we were … Read more

Thimble Cookies

Kid-favorite cookies These thimble cookies are a favorite for kids to help make and to eat!  Actually, adults like them as much as the children do. Ever since I can remember, we’ve been making these cookies. They’re called “thimble” because you put a dent about the size of a thimble in the middle of a round ball of dough. To make that dent, you push a thimble into the dough ball or use your finger. … Read more