Whatever You Do – Wash Your Hands!

washing hands

Just Wash Your Hands There’s a pandemic – at least, that’s what they say. But the pandemic, I think, is the different array Of thoughts and opinions and experts galore Who claim they’re the best and know just for sure What everyone else should be doing each day. Does the count keep changing, or are numbers being played?   This one thing they’ve said all during this pans Is “Don’t touch your face, and please … Read more

This Apron of Mine – Mother’s Day Thoughts


  This apron of mine is so stained  ( it’s not new) For I’ve worn it so often with work to do. I’ve used it to wipe off my counter and hands, And to open a myriad of tight lids on my cans.  It’s been used to wipe dirty smudges on ears And it’s sometimes been used to dab away little tears.   It’s stained from flour and sugar and milk, Vanilla and nutmeg, and … Read more

Facing the Unknown – and Wondering What to Do Today

what to do today

What to do today with an unknown future. My husband found me standing beside our newborn’s bassinet, sobbing. Our first born was less than a week old, and we’d been home from the hospital for a few days, following an uneventful pregnancy and delivery. Dave put his arms around me and (like any good husband) asked what was wrong. “I don’t know how I’m going to raise this little boy. He is totally dependent on … Read more

A May Day Tribute – a Re-post

May Day

Today is May Day. In honor, I share this post again.  A May Day tradition begins. Drop a pebble in the water . . . It is spring, and the month of May is awaiting its curtain call. In Appalachia, sisters are walking home from school, carrying their books. It is 1968, after all, and backpacks have not yet arrived on the school scene. The sixth and seventh-grade siblings are talking about their day at … Read more

Inside Activities with Kids from A to Z (and Other Thoughts) – During COVID-19

project day

Help! The kids are home. What is a mom to do when the kids are bored and mom is going berserk?  When she needs inside activities for kids, where is she to turn? While many kids will fend for themselves or find ways to entertain themselves and their siblings, there are just as many who don’t (or won’t.) Children should, for the most part, be capable of entertaining themselves, especially if they have siblings. Yet … Read more