Why I Stayed Out of the Woods

out of the woods

Safer Out of the Woods I stayed out of the woods because I knew it was the safest place to be. I did this mostly for me, myself, and mine. That’s because there are some places where it’s safer for me if I just stay away. I worry less, and my opinions are not heard if I stay away. I won’t say things I regret, and my stomach won’t get tied in knots. When a … Read more

What it Means to Reset Your Kids

how to reset your child

“Reset” should have happened sooner. Yep. Reset your kids. It’s something you can do. But first, the back story. I’d struggled with my phone for days on end. Initially, the problem was wide-spread across several counties. For the most part, things got resolved but trouble kept happening with my phone. Sometimes it worked well, and other times it sputtered and resisted anything I wanted to do electronically. It seemed the wires were crossed and didn’t … Read more

On Potty Training

potty training

No kid – and no potty – is the same. Every child is different.  No matter how many children you potty train, it will be different with each one. Trust me, I know. Boys, especially, seem to take longer to catch on than girls. As the parent, you can decide if you want to train the child or if you want the child to train you. My sister potty trained three girls and thought it … Read more

When a Marriage is on Hold

marriage on hold

No need to flounder. A marriage on hold does not need to flounder. It can still flourish and grow even though the spouses are separated by time, crisis, or distance. There are times in any marriage when an event or a crisis causes separation for a time. Sometimes the couple still lives in the same house, but a crisis takes all of their attention. There is little time to foster a relationship because emotions and … Read more