Our Kids and Their Toys


Toys – Delight or Detriment? Giving our kids everything they want is one of the worst things we can do for our kids, even when it comes to their toys. I am a firm believer in having kids learn to enjoy play. Children who know how to play are ingenious, creative, and smart.  Making Do In the late 1940s, my friend spent three and a half years in five refugee camps in Denmark. During those … Read more

Marriage: Being or Doing?


Being or Doing? When it comes to marriage, is it more important to be, or to do? The answer is both. Yet it’s easier to focus on doing rather than on being. That’s because we can more easily measure what we do than who we are. Doing Daily tasks (making your bed, tidying the house, running an errand for your spouse, shopping for groceries) are easily measured. They are things we can put on our to do … Read more

Why Kids Should Be Allowed to Get Dirty

The Dirtier, the Better I’m a firm believer that whenever possible, a kid needs to play outside and get dirty. That’s not always possible for some families, but for those of us who live in rural areas, there are places outside children can play. For those who live in areas with small yards or no yards at all, there are parks they can play if you are willing to take the time. The dirtier the better (unless … Read more

The Fox Hunt and Fidgety Kids

fidgety kids

Fidgety Foxes I’m not sure what ended the fox hunts, but I was immeasurably disappointed that I never got to participate. I heard about those fox hunts from my older siblings and couldn’t wait until I was old enough. Sadly, by the time I was old enough, the Fox Hunts were no more. The  Fox Hunt was the brain child of one of the teachers in my school. When there is no school secretary nor an aide … Read more

Why Women Should Cry Real Tears


The Detriment of Stifling Tears “I remember standing at the kitchen sink washing dishes and telling myself, ‘I will not cry, I will not cry, I will not cry,’” she told me. “What was wrong with crying if you were hurting?” I asked. “He made fun of me when I was upset or hurt. Every time I cried, he’d ridicule me. I got to where I got strong enough that I didn’t have to cry … Read more