Why You Can’t Be Your Child’s Best Friend

child's best friend

Not a Best Friend You might become the best friend of your offspring once he or she is grown, but you can’t be your child’s best friend. That’s because you’re the parent.  A coach can’t be the best friend of one of  his players. And, just like a teacher can’t be a student’s best friend, so a parent cannot be his child’s best friend. It’s that simple – and that hard. That’s hard to imagine … Read more

The Rhythm of Marriage

rhythm of marriage

The Music of Marriage A marriage can survive long-distance physical separation that is inevitable because of jobs and responsibilities. To do so requires the couple to make a concerted effort to stay in tune with each other, even when continents and oceans separate them. What about the “at home” marriages, where we see each other daily? What type of rhythm do we play? For a married couple, it’s important to stay tuned to each other. … Read more

5 Tips for a Screen Free Summer – Guest Post

screen free

I found this post recently and wanted to kick up my heels, even though I was reading from my recliner. I’m a huge of fan of families living with limits on electronics and being screen free. Molly Defrank has kindly given me permission to share this. This gal is a mom and foster mom to five kids.  Follow her at www.mollydefrank.com. This post was written for and first published on ibelieve.com. I realize summer is … Read more

Parenting: Being the Thermostat Instead of the Thermometer

be the thermostat

Similar but Different Both thermostats and thermometers indicate weather and temperatures, yet they are completely different. A thermometer measures and indicates temperature. A thermostat regulates temperature and can set off equipment at a certain temperature. The purpose of a thermostat is to maintain temperature at a desired setting. We do this in our  homes daily when we adjust the controls for heat or air. We turn that knob up or down depending on whether it’s too … Read more

How to Help When a Family is in Crisis

family in crisis

Helping families in Crisis. Recently, we had an influx of visitors in our home because a family member was being treated for burns following a helicopter crash. So many people stepped up to the plate to help, and the simple things they did made life easier for all of us. This was not the first or the only time folks have lent a hand. We experienced caring during the time of Mom Slabach’s journey with … Read more