Why Duplication for Every Kid Does Not Spell Love


Every Kids Wants Duplication Most kids think they want duplication for every kid, especially when they have to be the one who lacks an item. The kiddos had come to spend the night after being gone for two weeks. During that time, I’d purchased a used Minnie Mouse cover for the bed of Little Miss. The cover was now on top of her bed, but I had forgotten about it. They found it within minutes … Read more

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?!


Who IS coming to dinner?!. This story was first published in 1995 in The South Boston Banner. It was later printed in a book of compilations of my columns, Southside Glimmers in 2007. This dinner party of unannounced guests is a great way for kids to learn about people in the Bible and their stories.  They have the opportunity to guess who each character is. We often had this event in the fall of the year, when our kids were inundated … Read more

Helping Like a Levite


Families helping families. Sometimes it happens, and sometimes it doesn’t. I came across an interesting reading about family helping family in the Old Testament the other week. While it’s true that there was so much disagreement among the Tribes of Israel that they ended up parting ways into two different nations, there’s a lot we can learn from them. This story is one example. I know I’ve read this story more than a dozen times, … Read more

Your Favorite Child – and What Not to Do

favorite child

Your Favorite Child. Parents should not have a favorite child, but sometimes they do. Used as a noun, a “favorite” is a person or thing that is especially popular or particularly well liked by someone. Because we have our own preferences and things to which we are drawn, it stands to reason that we can become drawn to others (including our children) who are more like us. When a son thinks just like his father … Read more