Honey Sesame Chicken

honey sesame chicken

There are several things I like about this recipe. For starters, it’s delicious. Dave told me the other week that this is a musty recipe. It must be on the menu at least once a week. Well now, I haven’t quite made it that often, but it’s a keeper. Another thing I like about this recipe is that it can be done in stages. I’ve drowned and dredged double the recipe of chicken and then fried … Read more

Apple Dip

apple dip

Apple Dip! Apples are a part of the autumn season – as well as good for any time of the year. Because an apple a day keeps the doctor away.    This apple dip is such an easy recipe and fits the bill for simple, easy, and delightful to serve. In addition to apples, you need three other ingredients: cream cheese, brown sugar, and vanilla. As with any sweet treat, you can control the amount of … Read more

Hot Chocolate – Made from Scratch

homemade hot chocolate

A Sip of Memories When I take a sip of this made-from-scratch homemade hot chocolate, I am back in my mama’s kitchen in the wintertime. The warmth and flavor of this beverage warms me up all the way down to my toes.  A Taste of Flavor The ingredients you will need are ones you are most likely to have in your kitchen. You’ll need cocoa (dark or light flavor, depending on your preference), sugar, water, … Read more

Yum Yum Dessert

yum yum dessert

For as simple as this yum yum dessert is to fix, it’s amazingly good. You can choose the flavor by choosing the flavor of the instant pudding you use. OR, you can switch the ice cream flavor instead. I usually use vanilla pudding and vanilla ice cream, but I’ve switched chocolate ice cream for the vanilla, and I’ve used butterscotch pudding with the vanilla ice cream. You could try other flavors as well, especially if … Read more

Grandpa’s Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

oatmeal raisin

Grandpa’s cookies. Grandpa kept a tidy house and lived by himself for thirty-some years after Grandma died.  I only knew his place as Grandpa’s place, because my grandmother died years before I was born. He kept his place neat, tidy, and in order. There were not a lot of toys at his house, but we had fun playing with the spools and the colored blocks he kept on the bottom shelf of the library table. … Read more