Jacket Potatoes

jacket potatoes

I remember the day my ninth grade English teacher told us that when company came to their house, her mom served jacket potatoes. Their guests had never heard of jacket potatoes, and thought it must be a gourmet dish.  This potato dish is about as un-gourmet as you can get, but it’s simple, easy, practical, and tasty. I couldn’t imagine not knowing about jacket potatoes. I assume they are given this name because you serve … Read more

(Dutch) Fried Potatoes

dutch fries

There are fried potatoes and home fries, and then there are dutch fried potatoes.  I grew up with the real dutch fried potatoes, but we just called them fried potatoes. I don’t know of any community where these potatoes are made on a regular basis – unless an individual or two took the recipe with them when they moved away from “home” – which is western Maryland/Somerset County, Pennsylvania. If somebody you  know has ancestors … Read more

Spinach Salad with Homemade Dressing

spinach salad

I fixed salad with strawberries for the first time last summer. This spring I was helping a niece and she served this salad with a homemade dressing. Of course I had to get the recipe, which came from my sister Alice. While this dressing does has sugar in it, you will only need a tablespoon or two for a large bowl, so you’re not consuming an excessive amount of sugar. What I like about this … Read more

Sauteed Snow Peas and Cabbage

snow peas and cabbage

We picked up snow peas at the local Farmer’s Market, and by lunch time, half of them had been devoured raw. My plan to stir fry these beauties went out the window until I decided to slice up some cabbage and onions and add them to the mix. You can do this in a wok or a skillet. All you need is some olive oil and sea salt and the vegetables. Slice your cabbage into … Read more

Apple Jello Salad

When I was a child, this jello salad dish was a regular on the table for Sunday dinner. The other regular was the same except for the flavor of the jello. Mama used strawberry and pineapple jello with diced apples. The key to making this jello salad turn out right is to keep stirring it until the apples settle to the bottom and all around instead of just floating on the top. You can use … Read more