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I love attics.  They store a myriad of memories and paraphernalia!  Attics are places most people store things from their past – things they don’t want to get rid of, but have no room to store in the main part of their house. This “attic” is my storage area for previously published online articles.

For several years, I wrote for an  online ezine, Discover Southside.  While the ezine is  no longer being published,  it is still available online.  To access previously published articles in Discover Southside, click on the titles below.

I have also had several articles published in Daughters of Promise,  a previously online (and now online and printed) women’s magazine. You can click on the link to learn more about the magazine.  One of my articles is in the online edition, and you can access it by clicking on the link below.  Other articles in Daughters of Promise  will be posted on my blog after they are printed in the  magazine.

Published Articles



“I could set my clock by the time they showed up at the birdhouse.”

We Spend Our Years As . . . a Tale That is Told  — how today’s choices                                                         affect tomorrow’s experiences

Butterfly Promise – a child’s experience with death of a parent

Berry Picking Time – blackberries on our farmette

Once Upon a Bookworm – nostalgia prevails as books are sorted

I Still Choose You – on our anniversary, looking back over the years

Family in Six-Part Harmony –  family forensics and sibling squabbles

I Want to Grow Old With You – Valentine’s Day tribute

Farmer’s Market – grand opening of our town’s Farmer’s Market

All I Want for Christmas –  Christmas thoughts

One Empty Love Tank at a Time – p. 28  [Daughters of Promise magazine] changing the life of foster kids,                                         one kid at a time

My Truce with Pie Crusts – accepting the fact that, even though I’m a Mennonite, I don’t do pie crusts well

Home Remedy – how my mother’s  home remedy brought relief to a city girl,                                                                                                          and how my mama’s old-fashioned principles still work today

See You in the Morning! – saying good-bye to my mama as she nears the Jordan River

Of Birds and Wings – lessons learned about springtime and forgiveness, loss and life

For Better, For Worse – Valentine’s day tribute to a marriage of 66 years

My Shelves are Full, and So is my Heart – counting my blessings at the close of harvest

A Perfect Gift in an Imperfect World – Christmas contemplation

A Blanket of Memories – saying goodbye when my daughter heads to college

Memories of Chicken Gravy and Faith –  “faith is the . . . evidence of things not seen”, just like chicken gravy;                      a story about community happenings and the things I learned about my father years after his death

It Only Takes a Spark – 30-hour Famine – how one youth group sacrifices to feed children in other countries

Fleas No More! – lessons learned from having too many cats

Bluebirds, Forgiveness and Spring – lessons learned from losing my bluebird

Confessions of a Pack Rat – my closets and my “stuff”

Love Means Never  Having to Say You’re Sorry – apologizing when I’ve been wrong – and how not to do it