When Things Don’t Make Sense – but God Means it for Good

God means it for good

The blueprint If only we could see the blueprint God has for us, we wouldn’t have so many questions! My husband told his mother one day, “I just wish I could see ahead into the future.” To which she replied, “You wouldn’t want to know. It’s better just to trust God.” She was right. God can use any mistakes and failures – and He will give beauty for ashes.  When things don’t make sense, there … Read more

How to Beat the Heat – For More Reasons than One

beat the heat

The peril of heat. The summer I spent as a camp nurse I learned a few things about dehydration. We set some rules for our campers, and we beat the heat. I’ve had to do the same with my kids and sometimes my hubby. Heat is vital to life. It can also be detrimental and damaging if not treated with respect. That’s why it’s important to combat its effects with hydration, protection, and rest.  Hydration … Read more

A Question about Freedom


Asking the right question brings freedom. Freedom. John F. Kennedy defined it in a new way. On that January day in 1961, John F. Kennedy shared his thoughts in his inaugural address. These words resounded across the nation and around the world. And so, my fellow Americans, ask not what your county can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.  My fellow citizens of the world: ask not what America will … Read more

Our Past and Our Future – How We Run the Race

run the race

Choosing How to Run Each day, we get to choose where we live. I’m not talking about geographics. We can choose to live in our past or we can choose to live for the future. We cannot do both. It’s true that our circumstances today can be a direct result of our past and the choices we have made. Sometimes our circumstances are the result of choices made by others. Yet we don’t need to … Read more

Retirement: Shriveled Up or Poured Out

poured out

What Goes in Comes Out Whatever is in the pitcher is what is poured out. It’s that simple – and that significant. Growing older or retirement is not a reason to quit doing what I can do. The age of one’s body naturally slows us down as it is – but that’s no reason to spend our days piddling around doing nothing. Unless, of course, you need one of those days of doing nothing. (Sometimes … Read more