The Tulsa Race Massacre

Tusan massacre

The Tulsa massacre. It has been ninety-nine years since the Tulsa massacre. Will Tulsa do something about its centennial in 2021? There are no words to describe the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre. You know what started this one? Jealousy. White people didn’t think black folks deserved to be as wealthy – and certainly not wealthier – than they were, so they took matters into their own hands.  The rest is partly-hidden-history. At least, that’s one … Read more

Mary Turner – Black, Innocent, Pregnant, Burned, and Shot

Mary Turner

Lynching rampage. It was May, 1918. The lynching rampage in Brooks County, Georgia, started after a white plantation owner was shot and killed by a black worker. Hampton Smith, known for abusing and beating his workers, had a history of violence with his workers and used the debt peonage system [outlawed by Congress in 1867]. He bailed people out of jail to work for him until their “debt” was paid. Only thing was, sometimes he … Read more

The Flavor from Heat – and the Virus


The truth about heat. Heat brings out flavor and character. While it’s true that fire refines (purifies) us, heat brings out what is inside. Almost weekly, I mix up  concentrate for Iced Tea, 5 gallons, most times. That’s because there are folks in my house who just have to have their sweet southern tea. Plus, when folks stop in at my house, they expect to be offered Tea, ’cause this is the south! I start with … Read more

What I Think about White Privilege

white privilege

White and Unprivileged I am white. Do I have white privilege? There is no black blood in me. I checked through, and there’s none there. Would I mind if there were black blood in me? Not at all, yet I can only claim Germanic Europe, England and northwestern Europe, France, Norway, Scotland, and Ireland as my ancestry. I grew up poor by today’s standards. We were poor, but we had enough. Compared to some … Read more

“Sweep Like Jesus is Coming to Dinner”

like Jesus is coming

Like He is coming I did not sweep the house like Jesus is coming when we got back home. We left the house in a semblance of order because I do not like to come home to a messy house, especially after being gone for a week. Somehow in the unpacking, the kitchen floor remained un-swept after our return and I failed to notice. That’s because sweeping the floor is not one of my favorite … Read more