When Life is Hard and Heaven Seems Far Away

life is hard

When Life is Hard. There are days when life is great and nothing could be better. On other days, waiting for Heaven seems to be taking forever. The good days make us forget that we’re longing (or should be longing) for Heaven. But those sad, weary, dreary, woeful days are what makes me long for Heaven, which seems so far away. Have you been there?  When life is hard, we suffer because of the injustices … Read more

Recessive Sins – and What to Do

recessive sins

What is a Recessive trait? A person with a recessive trait inherits it from both of his parents. For example, blue eyes are a recessive trait. For my kids to have blue eyes, both their father and mother must carry the blue-eyed recessive trait. My father had blue eyes, but my mother was brown-eyed, yet she carried the blue-eye trait, as evidenced by my blue-eyed sister and by the fact that I have blue-eyed children … Read more

Why “That’s Just the Way I Am” is Not Biblical

The Way I Am. I’m a firm believer in knowing oneself. We ought to understand ourselves and others. It helps to understand the way we’re wired, why we respond differently to situations and to people, and what makes us tick. This means knowing our temperament, personality, strengths and weaknesses. This knowledge also helps us understand why others respond the way they do. There are many studies and tests available to help you  learn about who … Read more

Stronger Than the Struggle


Caterpillar Lessons on Struggle As kids, we watched caterpillars develop their own cocoon. When I was in first grade, our teacher placed a caterpillar in a jar and screwed the lid on tight. She punched holes into the lid so the caterpillar was able to breathe. In less than two weeks, the caterpillar developed legs. It began shedding its skin – many different times. Each time it shed its skin, a new skin was there, … Read more

Altars that Need to Go


The Beginning of Altars The Old Testament stories are full of kings and priests. There were two differences: the ones who tore down altars and the ones who allowed them to stay. Several kings did what was right, but most of them didn’t. They were either influenced by their pagan wives, by previous kings, by politics, or by the people. Hezekiah was one king who destroyed the high places, shattered sacred pillars, cut down poles,  … Read more