When God Doesn’t Take Us the Shortest Way

shortest way

The Shortest Way The Israelites begged God for 430 years to let them get out of Egypt. Through a myriad of events, God caused the King to finally send them away – out of that land, heading toward the Promised Land, some 220-250 miles total. With 600,000 men (not counting women, children, or animals) we know that line had to stretch for mil,es. It was a direct shot from Egypt to Canaan, but God didn’t … Read more

Happy New Year!

new year

What does Happy New Year mean? How does one actually accomplish happiness in the coming year? Does it come from without or within? Are others responsible to help me find happiness? Can I change what happens in the coming year? Most times, no. Is it possible to change how I respond to what happens in the future (or what has happened in the past?) Certainly. hap·py /ˈhapē/ adjective 1. feeling or showing pleasure or contentment. … Read more

Compassion – a Noun with Verb Action


Compassion is a noun. Compassion.  What is it? Who has it, and who doesn’t? Compassion is a noun. That means it’s not action – but the result of this noun will develop into a verb of action. It is “sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others.” Another definition is “sympathetic consciousness of others’ distress together with a desire to alleviate it.” There’s a way, I’ve discovered, that helps me develop compassion. … Read more



Christmas is not about things. It is about Who He Is.   A Child Born Holy, He is our Redeemer; –[God with us]— Immanuel Before time, the Son of God He is the Way,  the Truth, and the Life No Christmas magic- a Miracle! He is from the Beginning,  All Powerful Glorious, conquering King, our Savior!   To hear the song I Know that My Redeemer Lives,  click on one of these links: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B4Hy0zqnqbU  — classic … Read more

400 Years of Silence


Pre-silence: fig leaf promise. Before the fig leaves were dry on Adam and Eve’s new garden clothing, God promised a way out for their sin.  He signified it by providing garments of skin (animal clothing) – no doubt from the sacrifice of an animal. He promised a Savior. God led His people through the Red Sea and across desserts. He provided manna and quail for nutrition, water from a rock, and protected them as they … Read more