What I Learned from a Queen – How to Appeal

how to appeal

The pre-queen I met her through the pages of a book. She was queen during a tumultuous time. There are some things about her story that don’t make sense, but I have to leave that with God. During the course of her life, she used her power to win favor with the king. That favor saved her life and the life of her own people. Truly, she was in that palace for such a time as … Read more

Why We Need To Call 9-1-1

September 10 – before 9-1-1. Before I went to bed on September 10, 2001, I knew what I was going to do the next day: sleep. I’d been fighting a cold from allergies, changing weather and the germs my kids probably brought home from school. Because I tend to lapse into a drunken stupor when I take medication for a cold or allergies, I delay until all else has failed. I’d spent September 10 getting … Read more

She Wouldn’t Turn Back

Choices The choices, Ruth – a Moabite woman – made, impacted each of us. Although she lived 4000 years before us, her choices affect us today. The Moabites were descendants of Moab, the son of Lot (Abraham’s nephew) from an incestuous relationship with his own daughter. The Moabite people were pagan; they did not worship Jehovah God. So how did Ruth, a Moabitess, come to be in the genealogy of Jesus Christ?! That’s an interesting … Read more

How Kindness in Leadership Earns Loyalty

kindness in leadership

A father’s imperfect example Solomon exhibited kindness in leadership. The wisest man who ever lived raised a son who lost out on that wealth of wisdom.  God Himself gave Solomon his wisdom, and God stated Solomon was the wisest of the wise. During the course of his life, Solomon allowed his foreign wives to turn his heart from God. God promised him that because of his actions, the kingdom was going to be divided. Yet, … Read more

When Giving Costs Me Nothing

costs me nothing

David’s mistake. David said, “I won’t give something that costs me nothing.”  This was after repentance of his sin. That statement was made after thousands of people died because of his sin. King David made a mistake – and it was a big one. He sent Joab to count the people “from Beersheba to Dan.” There were other times God wanted His people to be counted, but not this time. Because David did not seek … Read more