How to Pray The Heart of God For Your Kids

Praying by the Word. You want to know the best way to learn about somebody you’ve never met?  Read about the things that were important to them. Familiarize yourself with the things  they themselves said or wrote. Talk to people who rubbed shoulders with them. It’s a perfect blueprint for finding accurate information. You want to know the best way to pray for your kids and people who are important to you? Read about the … Read more

The River Stops Here

river stops

The sea – and the river stops. I’ve never been to Israel or the Middle East.  If I ever had the opportunity to visit the Holy Land, there is one place I’d like to visit: the Jordan River and its seas.  I’d especially like to wade along the shores of the Sea of Galilee. So much of Jesus’ ministry played out along its shores. It was near this sea that He fed the multitudes; here … Read more

Persistence: A Mother’s Fight


Plucky Mama shows a mother’s fight. She is a plucky little thing, our wren. But then, she’s a mother, and I haven’t met a mom yet who wasn’t plucky when it came to her children.  She definitely has that nesting instinct! And she showed me about a mother’s fight for her young. I first discovered evidence of her pluck when it was time to do laundry one Monday morning. The kids were in school, and … Read more

How to Say “I’m Sorry” – No Ifs, Ands, or Buts

Sorry, not sorry. Saying “I’m sorry” can be so hard to do. It was late Sunday afternoon and the sisters on the playground had been having a great time. One of them did something to upset the other one. Each of them wanted to tell me what the other one had done wrong, and neither was anxious to confess her own wrongdoing. The gentle playground scene changed instantly when the squabble began, and the swings … Read more

Listen to Yourself and How You Sound

how we sound

How do we sound? I remember days of hearing discord in our house when I’d walk into a room and tell a kid, “Listen to yourself! Do you know  how you sound?!” Another day, I came home from work talking about someone I’d been in close contact with all day. My teenage son told me he was tired of having to listen to me spout off about this person – and perhaps I should think … Read more