The Reasons We Tell Lies

undermine the authority

The fisherman’s lie. There’s the well-known tale of the fisherman who comes back with a story of his great catch. He opens his arms to show how long the fish was – yet even as he is speaking, he is moving his arms further and further apart. The size of the fish grows with the telling of the tale. Why does a fisherman exaggerate the size of the fish in his telling? Is it because … Read more

Anti-Abortion or Pro-Lives? A Call to Redemptive Engagement with the Abortion Crisis – a Guest Post


More than one way to be pro-life. The recent passing of the Reproductive Health Act by the New York State Legislature has served as a chilling wake up call to many Christians. The passing of this Act removed a long-standing ban on abortion after twenty-four weeks, effectively making it possible for a full-term abortion of any child if sanctioned by a healthcare professional. New York joined eight other states that provide no legal protection for … Read more

Our Battles – and a story from the Bible (Jehoshaphat)


Every Man has a Battle. Every one of us faces difficulties and trials. Our natural inclination is to figure out what we can do about them. There’s a story in the Bible that gives guidelines for responding when an enemy appears to be conquering. Jehoshaphat became king of Judah when he was twenty-five and reigned for thirty-five years. During that reign, enemy armies came to battle against Jehoshaphat and his people. You can read the entire … Read more

Two Ways We Undermine the Authority of Parents

undermine the authority

Undermining Authority No matter what our experience or expertise, it is wrong to undermine the authority of other parents. We do this blatently and we do this subtly. Any way you slice it, it’s wrong. Blatance Blatant ways are most obvious, of course. These are the times we deride the decisions of other parents by saying so out loud in front of our kids – or theirs. This is one way we undermine the authority … Read more

Forgetful Forgiveness – a Guest Post


About Forgetting I got married and moved to Ohio last summer. Thanks to the jumble of new things to memorize, I’ve forgotten plenty of semi-important things in recent months – where Walmart is, the last digit of my Social Security number, how to make popcorn, my name. We never really plan to forget things. We just do. Names and dates go floating out of our heads, never to be seen again. Hurts and disappointments cling … Read more