Adam – a Type of Christ

Many types of Christ.

What does it mean to be a Type of Christ?  Join me on this journey and allow the  Bible to come alive to you. Throughout scripture, there are many types of Christ. Some of those types are people who walked this earth thousands of years before us. Their lives and events in their lives pointed forward to the new covenant and to Jesus Christ.

You don’t need to know these things to be a Christian or to live in the power of God. Yet, understanding the foreshadowing helps us understand what God is really about. Understanding gives us insight into His character and the way God does things- past, present, and future. Understanding increases our faith and our hope.

The first Adam – a type of Christ

The first man was Adam, a type of Christ.

In the Beginning – the very beginning of what we know as time, God formed the world.  He created plants, trees, the heavens,  and the earth. Our Creator measured out stars and seas, and created animals. Then, because He was still lonely, He made man. God the Creator created the first man. Perfect, intelligent, disease-free, was this man. Then the Creator made woman. God named the man Adam.  He presented the woman to the man. Adam named the woman Eve.

The serpent came into that perfect garden that God had designed for His man and woman.  He convinced them that God’s way was not the best, and his (the serpent’s) way was better. They succumbed. That’s how sin entered the world – through the first Adam.

Adam a type of Christ

Adam is a type of Christ. He is the first Adam. Through Adam, sin came into the world. Through Adam, a Redeemer was needed to bring salvation from sin, not just for this Adam, but for all future generations. By Adam, all men sinned. That is why the Creator planned Redemption through His Son, the last Adam.

Many scriptures give reference to the fact that sin came into the world by the first Adam. Any one of us could be the first Adam. Through any of us, sin could have come into the world. Every day, we struggle as human Adams – because of our sin nature. Neither name, prestige, power, position or pomp can change who we are, and each of us is equal by the sin nature that is a part of us.

The Last Adam

We are redeemed by the last Adam, Jesus Christ. Through the first Adam, we are living beings, with bodies that begin decaying the day we are born. Through the last Adam, we are eternal spirits. We gain life that never ends (Eternity) and power to live now through Him.

Through the last Adam – Jesus Christ – salvation comes to all mankind who will accept His gift.

Romans 5 tells us:

17 For if, by the trespass of the one man, death reigned through that one man, how much more will those who receive God’s abundant provision of grace and of the gift of righteousness reign in life through the one man, Jesus Christ!

In Adam, a type of Christ, all of us die because of sin. In Christ, the last Adam, all of us have power to be free from eternal damnation. Because of Jesus, we can live, not just today, but for all eternity. Jesus brings redemption and life, which is what we lost through Adam.

19 For just as through the disobedience of the one man the many were made sinners, so also through the obedience of the one man the many will be made righteous.

When Jesus came, His purpose was redemption. He finished what He came to do. His work is complete. Now it is up to us to accept His grace, His forgiveness, and His complete redemption.

Pinteresst Adam a type of Christ

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  1. Hi, Gert! You did well in introducing Adam and Christ. I loved that you quoted those verses from Romans! Your introduction was good, simple, and clear; not too difficult for the biblically untrained. Keep up the good work–the gospel message is in it! Your treatment of Adam and original sin was clear and simple; the way you spoke about Jesus was also clear. Be sure to include the concept of believing and faith as you go along! Blessings on your writing, brightening the corner at your windowsill! John Ivan
    BTW, who is your audience as you write?

  2. Hi John Ivan,
    Thanks for dropping in and for your words of encouragement. I’ll send you an email to answer your questions about my audience, according to Google analytics. 🙂 Gert

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