Mandrakes for Sex – and Why One Wife is Best

one wife is best

Jacob’s wives: when one wife is best. Jacob had two wives – but he had twelve sons born of four women. Two of the women were the servant girls of his wives. These girls were “given” to him to provide children for the actual wives. Did they realize that one wife is best? The story line tells us that two sisters were given to Jacob as wives one week apart. Jacob worked seven years for … Read more

Forgiveness is ≠ Trust – Lessons from Joseph


Forgiveness ≠ Trust Forgiveness is not trust. Trust usually comes later, when true restoration takes place. When you forgive someone, it does not mean you trust or respect them. And, while “love covers a multitude of sins,” trust doesn’t. Here’s why. Forgiveness breaks the chains of pain, anger, bitterness, and revenge. Forgiveness wipes the slate clean for what happened in the past. It does not harbor ill will or attempt to bring up past wrongs. … Read more



My friend Shawn Bailey is a poet and a photographer. Both this poem and the photo are her works of art. She made a bookmark for the gals in our Bible study, probably twenty-five years ago, and I still use the bookmark. I’ve also read the poem many times. The truth in this poem is as true and as real today as it was then. With her permission, I am sharing her poem and her … Read more

Breeding Deceit – Bringing Redemption, Giving Grace


Breeding deceit. Every time I read the story of Jacob, I realize how much the way  we live is bred into our children. Each time, I am so grateful for redemption and grace, for none of us are any better than these men. We are all people of deceit because we have the same sin nature as they. Abraham told his wife to lie about being his wife. Twice. Both times, God spared Sarah and … Read more

Wisdom: the Principal Thing

7 things God hates

Asking for wisdom – a command A person who is mature and complete has wisdom, and we are told to get wisdom! We are also to get understanding. We get these from experience and by asking and receiving from God. The wisest man who ever lived did just that when he was young, inexperienced, and afraid. Seeking for wisdom The beginning of wisdom is recognizing that we don’t know everything, and that we are lacking! … Read more