Breeding Deceit – Bringing Redemption, Giving Grace


Breeding deceit. Every time I read the story of Jacob, I realize how much the way  we live is bred into our children. Each time, I am so grateful for redemption and grace, for none of us are any better than these men. We are all people of deceit because we have the same sin nature as they. Abraham told his wife to lie about being his wife. Twice. Both times, God spared Sarah and … Read more

Wisdom: the Principal Thing


Asking for wisdom – a command A person who is mature and complete has wisdom, and we are told to get wisdom! We are also to get understanding. We get these from experience and by asking and receiving from God. The wisest man who ever lived did just that when he was young, inexperienced, and afraid. Seeking for wisdom The beginning of wisdom is recognizing that we don’t know everything, and that we are lacking! … Read more

Let the Redeemed of the Lord Say So!

say so

Who says so. If you’re one of the redeemed of the Lord, then say so! Don’t be afraid to look back, because in doing so, you recount the grace and the mercies of God. What did He do for you this past year? What mountains did you climb, and what valleys brought you low? Tell it! Did you find His grace enough or was it barely dribbling by the time the year was up? Was … Read more

When Trust is all You Can Do

trust Him

Trust the God of no surprises Sometimes it is difficult to trust Him, in times when difficulties arise and life is so hard and so barren. There are days life stirs up trouble – trouble that we didn’t see coming, but God did. Troubles – unforeseen and unplanned – come into our world, leaving us upside down, twisted, torn, and worn. And God saw it coming. You know what He wants us to do? He … Read more

Christmas Mystery


The Mystery That He came is the greatest Mystery and the best. That His love brought to us that greatest gift of love is the greatest story and the greatest sacrifice of all. From Genesis on, the mysterious thread is woven through the greatest love story of all time. From Creator to Christ Child to Sacrifice and Savior and to Redeemer of all, The story is surrounded by the greatest Mystery of all. His Love … Read more