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My favorite recipes are now in a cookbook. The book Second Batch Recipes is a collection of 200+ favorite recipes of my sisters and me. Printed in December 2017, you can purchase it through Carlisle Printing. Just click here.

Listed below are three books that I have written.  For any questions, please contact me at:

A Place for Ruth

A Place for Ruth

The true story of Ruth Reimer Yoder who, with her mother and siblings, became a Denmark refugee for three and a half years. The Reimers were a Mennonite family and Pappa served in Hitlers’s SS during World War II.  For over a year, the family did not know if Pappa was dead or alive. This is the remarkable story of the faithfulness of God in the life of Ruth and her family.  Published April 2019. For more information or to order this book, visit Masthof Press at this link:

A Place for Ruth can be obtained on Kindle/Amazon. Go to this link:

Aren’t We Having Fun Dying?!                                                                                                                                        by Gertrude Slabach

book aren't we having fun   Orpha Slabach was my mother-in-law, my mentor, and my friend.  One day just a few weeks before she Arrived in Heaven, I asked permission to tell her story.  I was surprised that she didn’t resist,  but I suppose she knew this question was coming and had thought  it through. She gave me permission with several requests.  I have honored her requests, the most important one being that her Savior Jesus Christ would be honored.  Each chapter title, as well as the book title,  is a direct quote from Mom during the last six weeks of her life.  Mom was 63 when she died of cancer.  She entered Heaven in 1992, and this book was first published in 2005.   She was one feisty lady, and I miss her still.

Comments from people who have read this book:

  • “This is the best book I have ever read on grief and dying.”  ~E.B., VA
  •  “I sat and cried and cried while reading this book.  I found healing for my losses from reading your story.”
  • ” Here it is 1:40 AM and I just finished reading your book.  I laid down at 11 and thought I would read a few pages and could not stop.”  J.T., VA
  • “Every time I read it, I cry because of how upbeat your mother-in-law was in regard to life – and death.” D. H., MO
  • “We were impressed by the way the young children at taught to look at the end of someone’s earthly life.  For a Christian, there is no death – but a glorious homecoming.”  D.K., Ontario, Canada
  • “I just finished reading it and I have tears in my eyes. My prayer is to really love life and demonstrate that to  my children.”  T.D.  NC
  • “Anyone who has dealt with in-home hospice care knows of the doubts and second guessing a person can have after making this kind of decision.  Prayer and your story gave us the strength to carry on.”  J.G.  CO

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Southside Glimmers                                                                                                                                                            by Gertrude Slabach

book southside glimmersSouthside Glimmers is a compilation of some articles printed in other magazines, but mostly from  a column  – Glimmers from Gert’s Gazebo – in a community-interest magazine from 1999-2003.  Fifty-five stories/columns make this a nice coffee-table book as well as a special gift for women, and especially for moms.  The book  also includes the following:   29 color photos; 36 black and white photos; 6 cookie recipes; subject index.

From the Foreword : “The articles in this book are printed as they were written – for folks in Halifax County, Virginia, and the surrounding communities.  When you see a reference to Main Street, I’m talking about main street in South Boston, Virginia.  It could be your main street as well.  Many times, I’ve been saddened by writers who use their column to lob grenades or take sides in an  issue.  I wanted to provide a breath of fresh air to a world weary of daily care.  I wanted to help people laugh, cry, or evaluate their  own lives.  That’s what  happened to me as I wrote from my heart.”

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