The Way of a Man with a Young Maiden

way of a young manOn a young man from Proverbs

There are three things, the writer of Proverbs says, that are amazing to him – four that he does not understand. Then he lists them, one by one. The first one is “The Way of an Eagle in the Air.” You can read that here. The “Way of a Snake on a Rock” can be found here. The third one, the “Way of a Ship on the High Seas” can be read here.

The young man’s power

This is talking about courtship. When a young man courts a woman in a gentlemanly way, there is purpose and power in his actions. He woos her and allows her to learn to know who he is. The young man also learns about the young maiden. His actions tell what his true purpose is – and she learns quickly whether he wants to exploit her or endear himself to her. Nothing is as powerful to a young girl than a man who draws her out  and cherishes who she is.

way of a young manThe young man

He is young, and he is learning, but he is full of ideas and plans. Young men are dreamers (as they should be). The way of a young man is to court the young maiden. He is preparing for marriage and wants to find a princess who will become the queen in his castle. It’s romantic, and it is real when he courts her in the way he should – and the way that is desirable for her.  When his purpose and intent is pure, the relationship is beautiful, and she wants nothing more than to be with him.

Lessons from the way of a young man with a maiden

When a young man wins the heart of a maiden by the way he courts her, he will keep her heart as he continues to court her and cherish her. There is nothing a queen will not do for her king when she is treated royally and with respect and love. Their innocence is beautiful and pure. With life’s experience, the innocence is gone; but in its place is a wisdom born of years and a love that threads its way deeply in their souls. It falls upon the young man to lead the way – whether in leading, wooing, cherishing, and protecting. She will follow when he is the man he should be.

After courtship comes marriage. In  marriage, the queen will continue to follow her king when he continues “the way of a man with a young maiden.” Marriage can be the beginning – instead of the ending – of a lifetime of romance.

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