Where Were You in Orlando?

Oh, Orlando, how we weep for you. How we dare not say we know why this happened! There’s a story of three men who called themselves friends of Job.  The man Job who once owned camels, oxen, sheep, and donkeys; he had seven sons, three daughters, and plenty of servants. Every day he prayed for his adult children.  He lost them all because of the Chaldeans, Sabeans, a fire and the wind.  He lost everything he … Read more

To Quarrel or to Dig – That is the Question

false teacher

  Isaac had every right to contend with the servants of Gerar for the wells that he opened.  These wells had been dug by his father Abraham years before.  The Philistines had closed those wells up after Abraham’s death. Isaac went back and cleaned those wells out, giving them the same names his father had given them.  The servants of Gerar soon came and claimed that the water in the well Esek was theirs. Isaac … Read more

Taking the High Road

Taking the high road does not come naturally and it usually doesn’t come easily.  Abraham and his family journeyed from Egypt to Bethel (because this was where God directed him to go). His nephew Lot and his family, servants, and cattle traveled with them. The Bible tells us that Abraham was rich in livestock, silver, and gold.  Wealthy man, I’d say.  We don’t know how wealthy Lot was, but we do know that he also … Read more

To Speak or to Strike – That is the Question

Obedience can be as simple as speaking instead of striking a rock. We were following the story of Moses, the great leader of the Children of Israel from slavery in Egypt to the Promised Land. “Only problem was,” I told the class, “that after all those years of leading the people, God told Moses he would not enter that land of promise.” “Huh?” the kids asked.  “Why not?” So we read the story. “Tell me … Read more

Finding My Great-Grandpa’s Grave

“This is a broken world, and we are broken people.” What do you do about a dark thread in your family’s past?  How do you handle the grief of years past?  Is there hope and healing for those who suffer such loss? A guest post by Dorcas Smucker, who blogs at Life in the Shoe . Dorcas has a column “Letter from Harrisburg” in The Register-Guard.   Finding My Great-Grandpa’s Grave The last few years, I’ve … Read more