Why Praise Should Be The First Part of Every Prayer

The song Hallelujah, Praise Jehovah! has been ringing in my ears. I’ve sat at our piano and pounded out the chords, singing along the last few days. I like this song. I like the words. As a youth and later a young adult, we sang this hymn many Sunday evenings when our youth group got together to sing acapella. We sang songs from The Life Songs and Songs of the Church.   I have fond memories of singing … Read more

Claiming a Mountain With Giants Hidden There

  The Scripture:   Joshua 14:7-14 As a forty-year-old man, Caleb was sent to spy out the land for Moses and the Children of Israel. Of the twelve spies who were sent, Caleb was only one of two who came back with an accurate report. All twelve spies came back loaded with fruit – bunches of grapes so large they had to be carried by more than one man. Pomegranates such as they had never seen … Read more

Her Sewing Machine is Silent

  She wanted to go Home.  She really, really wanted to go Home. Her name was Beulah, but we called her Bets. And while Bets waited, she was gracious in her smiles, and she was grateful for her days. She also sewed.   On the days (and sometimes nights) I stayed with Bets, I looked forward to caring for her.  It was a respite from other responsibilities, and she was always grateful.  The pace was … Read more

Why My Heart is Full

Each year, I change my mind on which season I like best. In the spring, I delight in warm breezes and pastel colors after a winter of ice and sleet and cold. But then, after the lazy, humid, and often dry days of summer, I am ready for this new season: Fall. In the autumn, I dance with the leaves as they twirl their way down from the trees. I love fall. Crisp, cool air, … Read more

Life is Short. Fidelity is Sweet.

The pomegranates I brought to the kids’ class I teach on Wednesday evenings were a fascination all evening long. The kids had never seen this fruit, and they wanted to touch and handle the pomegranates. They kept asking me about “those things” during the entire lesson. I had also brought grapes, but they weren’t interested in grapes. Because I made them wait until the end of the story, they were especially intrigued by this new … Read more