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The Way of an Eagle in the Sky

way of an eagle
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On eagles from Proverbs

There are three things, the writer of Proverbs says, that are amazing to him – four that he does not understand. Then he lists them, one by one. The first one is “the way of an eagle in the air.”

An eagle’s power

Scripture gives us powerful visions of an eagle.

Isaiah tells us those who wait on God will renew their strength and mount up with wings as eagles. Proverbs mentions “the way of an eagle in the sky.”

An eagle is a large bird of prey able to hunt sizeable vertebrate prey. Eagles have heavy heads and beaks. To save energy, eagles fly during storms and glide from the winds pressure. The eagle’s eye is one of the sharpest in the animal kingdom, being able to see roughly four to eight times better than a human being. Soaring high, therefore, does not diminish his vision as it would most animals.  The eagle can adjust the muscles in his eyes to maintain focus and accurate perception as he swoops down to approach and attack his prey.

An eagle’s large wings make it possible for  him to catch the undercurrents of warm air, allowing him to rise and then, once he is high enough, to glide. Gliding allows him to move forward and down and occurs at lower levels where the warm pockets of air are trapped. Soaring involves moving up as well as forward and down.

way of an eagleAn eagle’s way

An eagle is the only bird who flies into a storm. He is not afraid of the storm, but seems to delight in it. The eagle is one animal that never gives up its prey. He can outlive other eagles by staying on a high mountain or hidden in a valley while his feathers molt; he then plucks out the old and waits for the new. He also breaks his beak so it can grow back stronger. During this time, he is dependent on other eagles to sustain him, for he cannot fly and hunt. Emerging from this experience, they are “stronger, fitter, and sharper” than before.

Learning from an eagle

An eagle does not fight a storm. He flies into it and allows the wind to lift him up, higher and higher. He soars on the gales of the storm.  We should do the same.

An eagle adjusts his eyes to have a better focus as he soars and glides, hunting for prey. This helps him make an accurate perception about his enemies and his prey.  We should do the same

When necessary, he takes respite and allows his heavy feathers to molt, taking the time he needs to refresh his physical prowess.  He breaks his beak and waits for its renewal. When there are parts of us that are too heavy and calloused, we must break them off. We should do the same. We must take time to rest and wait on God.

Isaiah tells us that those who wait on the Lord will renew their strength; they will mount up with wings as eagles.  When life is difficult with decisions, frictions, and upheaval, we need to wait on the Lord. Then we truly will become like eagles.

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