How To Keep News Years’ Resolutions from Reverting to Default

new year

  There are two problems with resolutions.  If we can nix those problems, we can complete the resolutions.  Trouble is, we end up reverting to default because we don’t do the nix. First, we set such high goals that we become discouraged and give up before the first month is gone. Second, even though we might have some good goals, we don’t really have a definitive plan to complete them. Before we know it, we’re … Read more

Where Mary Found Her Strength


It is during the Christmas season when I think most of Mary.  I remember her, not because she was divine or perfect, but because she was faithful.  I know that, had I walked in her shoes, I would have wanted to be faithful. I also know that, during difficult days and sleepless nights, I would have needed reminders that helped me remember this call on my life.  I would have needed the assurance that God … Read more

Three Reasons Why We Told Our Kids Santa Claus Isn’t Real

It’s an interesting story – the one about Santa Claus. You know, the ho-ho-ho jolly, merry man who wants to help every boy and girl in the whole wide world. So, magically, he traverses the world in one night, riding in a sleigh, plummeting down chimneys to deliver the most awesome presents that any child could imagine. The Christmas season speaks of goodwill and heralding hope for the world, but somehow many children miss the … Read more

A Mother Wonders


Wonder:  to think or speculate curiously; to desire to know something; to feel admiration or amazement; to marvel. During this season, there are many things about which I wonder. Have you ever wondered what it was like to be Mary, who was chosen by God to be the mother of His Son? Over a quarter-century ago,  a young mother living in small Ohio town wondered about Mary. It was the Christmas season.  As she held her … Read more

The Three Things Every Caregiver Should Do

It’s fair to say that Jesus was the greatest Physician Who lived. As a counselor, He also gave spot-on advice. He traveled and mingled with mobs of people. He took time for children. He reached out to the underdogs and those shunned by society. He ate with publicans. He dined with sinners. He was bombarded by people who wanted the food and the miracles He performed – people who could care less about a relationship … Read more