The Very Hour

very hourThe second miracle

The first miracle Jesus performed was in Cana in Galilee. He attended a wedding that ran low on wine. When his mother came and asked Him for help, Jesus turned water into wine.

The second miracle occurred sometime later – we don’t know how much time elapsed. This time, Jesus didn’t use any object. He simply healed a son.

The story tells us that the son belonged to a wealthy, important official of Capernaum. His son was dying, and the man came to Jesus and begged Him to heal his son. “Please come down before my son dies,” he begged Jesus.

Jesus  assured the nobleman that his son would live. He told him to go home and his son would live. Jesus did not offer to go with him, to lay His hand on the dying son. He simply told him to go. Scripture tells us that the official “believed Jesus” and left.

Enroute to his home, he was met by his servants.  They informed him that the son not only lived – he was well.

“When did this happen?” he asked his servants.

“Yesterday at one o’clock in the afternoon,” they told him.

very hourThe very  hour

The father realized that one o’clock was the exact time Jesus told him to go, and his son would be healed. He went from believing Jesus would heal his son to believing in Jesus.

This story reminds me again that God is never in a hurry – and He is always on time. Is there a significance to the timing of the healing of the son? I think so. Jesus could have healed the son later, or he could have healed the son before the nobleman asked. Jesus could have waited until the nobleman went home to heal the son. He chose to heal him at the very hour.

He gives us what we need when we need it – not before, and not after. Certainly there are times we do not get what we want. We fail to get what we think we need or must have. Life isn’t fair, and others get what we want, and succeed in areas we do not.

In those times, remember that God’s purposes are not about what we want, but about what will show His power. That is why Jesus came, and it is why we are chosen by Him. His plan, His will is played out in the very hour because it is directed by Him. Our part is to cooperate with Him.

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