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How little Becomes Much

little is muchPinching pennies –  how little becomes much

“I can’t believe how picky he is!” I told my husband. “What does it matter if he is missing a pen? He has thousands of dollars to buy another pen!”

“And that is why he has so much wealth,” Dave countered me. “He kept track of the pennies and little by little, it added up. Keeping track of every penny is how he arrived where he is now.”

Dave was right (he usually is). His employer was a man of wealth, and everybody knew it. He was particular and tight with his money – unless there was something he wanted, and then there were no limits. He had that right, for the money was his.

I’ve contemplated that man and his money a lot over the years. I realize he arrived where he was because he was frugal and because he recognized that little would become much if he did it right.

Jesus said it!

That’s how it is in the Kingdom of God. Sometimes we fail to see the impact we make in a small task or a seemingly insignificant role we play. We forget that we are building lives and building bridges that must be settled and sure. The little things do add up; let’s not forget it! God wants us to be faithful in the little so He can make it BIG.

Jesus told the story of the shrewd, dishonest manager who was about to lose his job for poor management. You can read about it by going to the parable found in Luke here. 

Jesus ends the story by telling the disciples this:

Whoever is faithful in very little is also faithful in much. And whoever is unrighteous in little is unrighteous in much.

Every little thing we do builds onto more growth and more influence. In time, little becomes much

The difference in little and much

We fail to ask ourselves what difference we are making; what would it be like if we failed to do what we do so well? Is there a fallout of refusing to do what we can do well?

What if the widow refused to share her last little bread with Elijah? What if the lad failed to give his little lunch to Jesus? When Paul was asked to plant the seed and Apollos to water, what would be the outcome had they refused? God could not have given the increase. That increase brought the Gospel to the Gentiles, which includes me.

When all we have to offer seems so small, we need to remember that God gives the increase. All He wants is our little, our small. He can’t use us when “we” are too big. When He uses what we have and what we bring, we realize the increase is from Him.

All we need to do is be faithful in the little.  He only asks for our commitment to be faithful, our obedience to do what He asks, even when it is small.

Then we will hear. “Welcome home, good and faithful servant. You have been faithful over a few things. Enter into the joy of the Lord!”

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The song Little is Much

The song Little is Much was written by Kittie L. Suffield in 1924. You can listen to the song by clicking on the links below.

If you want too hear the group The Keys sing this song, click on this link.

To hear the Ngcobo sisters sing this song, click here.

To listen to New Hearts 4 Christ sing this song, click here.


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