this side of Christmas

This Side of Christmas

this side of ChristmasOn this side of Christmas

This side of Christmas, we already know what happens. We celebrate the birth of our Savior because it happened over 2000 years ago. We know, because we have seen and experienced His salvation.

On the other side of Christmas, there was faith, and there was hope. Yet it was all out there, in the future. Like Noah (who had never seen rain, yet built an Ark for the day the rain came), the faithful before Christmas waited and waited for the Promise through Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

When I read the Christmas story, I already know what happened and how it happened. They didn’t know because they had not seen or experienced the Birth.

Which takes the greatest faith? To believe because we have seen, or to believe having not seen? I think we know.

this side of CHristmasEvery year, on this side of Christmas

This year, on this side of Christmas, I want to recognize and remember the faith of those who journeyed before us. Their obedience and faith led the way for others to follow suit.

On this side of Christmas, keep telling the story, not only of what happened in the past as recorded in Scripture. Tell the story of your spiritual birth and your spiritual pilgrimage. When we keep telling the stories of God’s faithfulness, we are promoting Christmas all year long.

Tell the story from this side of Christmas

Tell the stories of your faith in building while others mocked.  Share about the times you were rescued from the dangers of the Nile. Remember to include the person God sent to save you. Tell the stories of the parting of your Red Seas. Remember to tell of the times you removed your sandals because the place you stood with God was holy ground. Don’t forget to share about the angels – seen or unseen. Those angels who proclaimed God’s faithfulness and presence as you slept or stayed wide awake. Tell the stories of the nights you wrestled with an angel.  Remember to include how you received God’s blessing and promise as dawn approached the sky.

Don’t forget to remember the times you felt imprisoned when someone prayed – and you were released from that prison. Tell the stories of meeting the needs of folks when you had so little to give – but God made it reach until the need was met. Remember the tempests that nearly put you out of the boat – but the power of the Savior spoke in that moment before the calm.

On this side of Christmas, keep telling the story of how He walks with you and gives more abundantly than you can ask or think. Tell it!

This side of Christmas, you get to tell the story because you have been there and seen the glory that comes from encountering the Prince of Peace.

This side of Christmas, go and tell.

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