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Why Christmas is not the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

most wonderful timeWaiting for Christmas – not the most wonderful time.

It was a wonderful time. Ever since I was a child, I loved Christmas. I counted “how many sleeps” until the big day arrived. Every morning, I’d ask Mama “How many more nights to sleep until Christmas?” She’d give me the answer, and it seemed like Christmas was taking forever to arrive. Finally, the big day was here, and we delighted in the special activities: opening gifts Christmas morning, our Christmas program at church, and Mama’s turkey dinner waiting for us when we came home.

Family members came to spend the day, to play games, reminisce and laugh together. If the weather permitted, we bundled up and built snowmen, igloos, or went sled riding down the hill on the lane or the hill in the cow pasture to the north of the house.

When Christmas was over, we helped put decorations away, tidy the house, and went back to school. Dull winter days left little sunlight to be enjoyed until Spring arrived.

Waiting for a Savior

We celebrated Easter – when spring arrived.

For the Christian, Christmas is an important holiday. This is when we celebrate the birth of Jesus, our Savior. This is when we rejoice in the Joy and Peace heralded that night when the angels announced His birth. Festivities abound. Families get together and enjoy the taste of the season, the sights of the season, and the memories of Christmases long ago. Christmas is a wonderful time, but it is not the most wonderful time of the year.

most wonderful time

Waiting for the Resurrection – the most wonderful time

 for the Christian, celebration does not end at Christmas. This is merely when it begins. Click To Tweet Because, after Christmas, there was the Garden, the Cross, the Tomb, and the Resurrection! This is what Christmas is really about. This is the most wonderful time.


For on that night, God set the wheels in motion to bring Redemption to the world. The Father sent Jesus, His son. He sent a Baby to show us how to live.  He sent a Savior to Redeem all of mankind.

On that Cross, He chose to give it all to save us. In the tomb, it seemed all hope was lost. But on Easter morning, the grave could not hold Him. Today, He lives. That is why Easter is the most wonderful time of the year!

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Photo credits: Photo of Jesus and the tomb by Jeff Jacobs at Pixabay.


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