Cherish the Now




Snuggles and hugs, freely given,

Eyes bright with laughter today;

Like apples of gold and of crimson,

I cherish their laughter at play.




Leaves turning colors so vibrant,

Crisp autumn air in these days;

Like pumpkins all shapes and all sizes,

I cherish my munchkins today.


My munchkins those many years ago.


Time passes on – this I notice

As summertime turns into fall;

Do I cherish and notice each moment

Of my youngsters, those short and those tall?




I catch in my mind sweet surprises

To hold in my heart from now on

As the seasons keep moving and changing

My love – ever and always – lives on.

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  1. My current motto, which goes along with your thoughts: Gratitude today for the things I may not have tomorrow.
    Quote from “It Is Well With My Soul” by Shelly Beach, pg 111

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