Diffusers of Fragrance


What a diffuser is.

In the past several years, there has been a push for the use of oils and diffusers. Fragrance, pain relief, and relaxation are all benefits of these products. Put a few drops of oil in a diffuser with water, plug it in, and it will infiltrate your home. You’ll enjoy the fragrance and the benefits, for sure.

God talks about fragrance and diffusing. We are His diffusers of grace, especially to those who are “being saved or to those who are perishing.”

What a diffuser does

To one, we are the aroma of life. To the other, we are the aroma of death. This is not because of what we do, but because of the choices they make. We are changed to be like Christ. This happens as we spend time with Him. 


How do we do that?  We do this by being sincere in our walk with Jesus Christ. When we spend time with Him, He filters through us; we bring His fragrance with us. When we spend time with Him, we gain knowledge; that knowledge is then diffused in us. 

A fragrance diffused

The fragrance of our lives has the possibility of changing hearts forever. We can only diffuse what is in us. The fragrance we diffuse is the result of what is in us.  Our fragrance is a direct result of the time we spend with Christ and the Word. When our fragrance is wilted, perhaps it’s time to gain nutrition from the Word. 


What fragrance do others need? What is pouring out of us?






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