Creamed Lima Beans

  This is one of those I-can-stretch-this-meal-a-little-further recipes.  I’ll concur that serving creamed vegetables adds more calories and carbohydrates.  I’ll also admit that it sure adds a comfort-food measure to the meal. This is also one of those there really isn’t a measurement recipe for this.   You just eye-ball your amounts and go for it – and test it along the way. Cook your lima beans (or peas, if you’d rather) until they are tender.  Be sure … Read more

Corn Chip Salad

Easter Sunday is always special.  It’s especially special when it’s spent with family and friends. This Easter we were invited to Irene’s house for Sunday lunch. As always, she had quite the spread. “I’m not having ham,” she told me when I got the invitation. Who cares, I thought, it’ll be good no matter what she serves.   I was right. It was good. So, so good. The only thing I had to bring was rolls. … Read more

Homemade Scalloped Potatoes

  When I make this recipe, I am back in my mother’s kitchen on a winter evening.  I remember the day I wanted to learn how she made her scalloped potatoes.  There really wasn’t anything to it, she said.  All I needed, she assured me, was potatoes, milk, salt and pepper, and a few dabs of butter. Baking potatoes work best.  Wash the potatoes, then peel them.  Slice into thin slices and put them into … Read more