Italian Pasta Salad Delight

At a delightful birthday  luncheon hosted by a friend this past week, each guest was asked to bring a side dish to serve.  Marlene was one of the guests, and she brought this dish. When I asked her for the recipe, she said, “Oh, there really isn’t a recipe.  You just cook your pasta and add whatever ingredients you want.”   I assumed she had her own recipe for the dressing, but she informed me … Read more

6 Ways to Make Sunday A Day of Rest and Not a Day You Detest With Kids

We were heading back home after sight-seeing in another state for a weekend. My niece was ready to settle down and go to sleep, but her brother pulled out his paper to jot down the last of the money he had spent. All the way there and back, Kevin kept a running tab of the money he was spending. He also kept a tab on his sister and the money she had been given by … Read more

“My Next Executive Decision Was to Burst Into Tears”

I have never met Katrina – except through her blog.  My husband is related to folks who are kin to her, but we’re no relation. We’re alike in some ways and different in others.  We’re both  nurses and both writers.  She’s written four books, and I’ve written two. While both of us lost our mothers to cancer, she lost hers at a younger age than did I.  She’s been to other countries to work as a … Read more

Easy Finger Jello

There are few children who dislike finger jello – especially when it is cut into interesting shapes!  In the summer, you can cut butterfly or animal shapes.  In winter, snowflakes, wreaths or  Christmas trees match the scenery.  And in February, hearts for Valentine’s day work their magic. This is a good way to get liquid into a child who is recovering from a stomach bug.  It’s also a good way to help keep children hydrated on … Read more

How the Fleas Got In – and A Few Other Things

You want to know how those fleas came into our house?  There were several culprits – and I confess that I was one of them.  There were other culprits as well. We had Tailless Tom.   We had Crook, the calico mama, grandmama and great grandmama. Then, we had the kittens – all twenty-nine of them.  Wait.  I think there were thirty-one.  Or was it thirty-three?! We had the kids – and a niece who loved … Read more