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5 Back-2-School Tips for Parents

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I remember those days, wishing I knew the best back-2-school tips out there so I could be a better school mom: standing at the end of the driveway with my kids after the back-to-school photos are taken. Waiting for the bus. Waiting some more. Suddenly, the bus is there, and my kids walk across the road to the other side.

I see the tops of their heads rising as they step up into the bus, their faces looking out the window at me. Some of them wave. Some act like they do not know I am here.

Then they are off. Hurried away by drivers whose intent it is to get these kids safely to the school, on time. I head back to my so-quiet house and inhale the quiet. I don’t want to move, so I sit in my recliner, drink my coffee, think, and plan, and pray.


Every year, I thought we’d get it together and have a better year than the last. Every year, we struggled with  the mundane of the rhythm of school. Sometimes we did better than other times.

back-2-school tipsA few back 2 school tips

To you moms out there facing another year of school, here are some thoughts from the other side of the school bus and the other side of sending kids to school.

  • Start strong. Stick with schedules for homework and bedtime and getting-up time. Don’t try to ease into it, for that does not work. Figure out what works for you. We did all our school prep the evening before. My kids knew not to ask for help finding a library book in the morning. Your family might function better in the morning. If so, give yourself time to find that missing library book in the morning. Figure out what schedule works for you, then stick with it. This is part of preparing your kids for the real world.
  • Stay tuned. Remember that your job is to prepare your kids for life. This means you provide protection (physical, emotional, and spiritual). Stay alert and in tune with your kids. Pay attention to body language when they arrive home from school. Watch the light in their eyes. If it disappears, find out why. What are they not telling you? Learn to listen with your eyes and with the back side of your ears; for if you pay attention, you’ll pick up on things when they talk with siblings or friends. This is part of preparing your kids for dealing with life’s turmoils.
  • Stay away. Do not hover over your child. Do not do homework for your kids. Certainly, you should visit their school, just don’t wear out your welcome. Do not defend your child when he is wrong; don’t make excuses for him. Allow him to suffer consequences (a failed test grade because he did not study) instead of going to bat for him and expecting the grade to be altered because you complained. This is part of preparing your kids for life.
  • Stay involved. Be positive toward your child’s school and teacher. Express appreciation – verbally and in hand-written notes. Volunteer to help on field trips or provide items needed for the classroom. Your child’s teacher will be willing to hear your concerns if you’re intentionally involved and helpful for events. This is how you model good work ethic, thus preparing your kids for life.
  • Finish strong. Don’t quit; don’t give up. You are preparing your kids for life. Starting strong is good; staying strong is better; and finishing strong is best! Keep your eyes on the goal:
    • equipping your kids with a good education so they can face any upheaval in their future.
    • developing character qualities in your kids that will sustain them (integrity, kindness, responsibility, honesty, diligence, and patience.)
    • finishing a course that is begun well; not copping out when things get hard; not asking for favors and privileges your child does not deserve.

Final on back-2-school tips

What is your goal for your kids for this school year? Is it just to get ‘er done, or are you using this opportunity to help your kids learn how to live life best? Use these 5 tips to help you stay the course. Evaluate your goals throughout the year. Keep those goals in focus when you make decisions for and with your kids. It will help you have the best year yet!

back-2-school tips

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