T H A N K SThe Season.

T H A N K S. Between the secular holiday Halloween and the religious holiday Christmas, there is Thanksgiving. How do we celebrate a season and keep the important things first and foremost when we are gearing up for Christmas?

This is a way that helps me remember during this season. It is the acronym THANKS. Think of each of these letters as you go through this month, and you’ll find yourself being thankful.


Jesus is Truth. His Word is Truth. They are one and the same. He sanctifies us through His Truth. When we immerse ourselves in Truth, we are changed. On days I struggle with gratitude, I remember Truth. Let Truth change the way you think and the way you live. Base your world, your actions, and your emotions on Truth instead of feeling. That is living in truth and in T H A N K S.


 A person who is humble recognizes that what he has is not what he is owed, but what he is given. Humility brings satisfaction, for a humble person is not begging for more, demanding more, or expecting more. When we are humble, we are grateful. A humble person’s intent is to find the things God gives to us, not because we deserve them, but because He is God and He is a good giver. Allow yourself to recount the good things He gives you and you will find that you are humble. Humility shows that you recognize who you would be apart from His good gifts, and your heart is filled with T H A N K S.


We must have an attitude of gratitude, which is also partly a result of humility. Every breath we take is undeserved, but given freely by God. Though we wish we had more blessings or less trials, we are blessed. It might be an old cliché, but we must count our blessings. When we take time to count our blessings, we know that our attitude is right. When our attitude is right, we experience T H A N K S.


God is always near. When we feel He is far away, it is not because He moved, but because we did. He does not choose His position to us based on what we do. He chooses to be near to us because of Who He is. When we move toward Him, He moves toward us. Do you feel near to God?  Are you near to Him?  Nearness to God is relationship. When you are close to Him, you experience T H A N K S.


On our own merit, we do not deserve the love and care of God. Yet, His kindness remains. Have you thanked God for His kindness to you? Take time to think about His kindness, and you will find your soul full of thanks. It is His kindness that brings us salvation and restoration. Have you taken time to thank God for His kindness and all that it entails?  Focus on His kindness, and you will find your heart filled with T H A N K S.


In every season of life, Jesus is our Savior. Have you thanked God for your Savior? He came to earth (Christmas!), and showed us how to live. He endured for us so we can live eternally. Our faith is real because our Savior is real. No other religion claims a risen leader – but ours. That is reason enough to give thanks in this season and every season of the year.


When I focus on these words and what they mean, I am caught up in the wonder of God. Instead of being bogged down with lists and events, my mind is filled with the goodness of our extraordinary God.

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