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A Photo of Faith


The photo lesson

Faith. Hanging next to the picture window in the living room was an old picture, painted on glass. Two trees stood alone and forlorn at the edge of a wood.

The view outside the window held hundreds of trees. Some tall, some short. Maples. Oak trees. Walnut trees, and others.

I sat in a chair facing that window one dreary, rainy dayfaith when I was a child. I looked at the picture and then out the window. 

The two trees in the picture. The woods through the window.

Only two trees. Then many.

Faith grows from two to many

That was when I noticed the words on the picture. Have faith in God,” it said.


Some dreary, rainy days, I remember that day and the feeling I had as I sat somberly looking out the window. Pensive thought . . . then a smile when I saw the lesson from the photo to the woods outside the window.

I remember a picture with two lonely trees and those words. And I remember the picture outside that same window, an entire woodland of trees.

I remember that Faith produces results. It brings power. This attribute grows trees – and me.

How about it, friend?  How is your faith?


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