Shades of Vibrance instead of Violence

Shamrock to Scarlet

Every autumn, I wait for the changing of the leaves. Lime, olive, shamrock and sage change to scarlet, orange, yellow, and brown.

There’s a reason for the changes. Some folks think it’s the cold; others think it’s the rain; yet others say it’s because there are less daylight hours.  I believe all of these reasons are true, and that’s because I’ve experienced them. There is also another reason, and that’s the chlorophyll in the leaves.

Chlorophyll gives us the green in the leaves. When summer leaves, there are less daylight hours, which means the leaves cannot make as much chlorophyllAs the chlorophyll fades, other colors appear.

Cool temperatures affect the vibrancy of the colored leaves.  This autumn, those of us in southside Virginia are still waiting to see more vibrancy. The leaves are changing colors, but the vibrancy isn’t there. That’s because we haven’t had enough frosts. It hasn’t been cold enough. I miss the vibrancy and the colors.

Viscous to  Vibrant

You know what I think? I think sometimes God misses the vibrancy that belongs in us. He misses those colors of Spirit-fruit. He misses the changing from bitterness to tenderness, from impatience to patience, from unrest to peace.

Instead of always giving us sunshine, He sends clouds and rain. Those diminished blessings of chlorophyll result in more color. Those long nights of frost and cold bring out the vibrancy.

There’s a reason for the changes of autumn. There’s a way that God can produce Spirit-fruit in us if we but cooperate with Him.

Instead of complaining about the bitter cold, perhaps we should ask Him to use the cold to make us tender. Instead of complaining about the lack of sunlight, perhaps we could ask Him to help us experience true light in Him instead of counting on friendships to sustain us. Instead of expecting others to right our wrongs, perhaps we should ask God to help us experience endurance from our suffering, to build character out of our endurance, to grow in hope that will sustain us, and to give us His Spirit who fills our hearts with love. [Romans 5:3-6].

This autumn, as you wait for leaves to change color before they drop to the ground, remember that there’s a reason for each season. This season, remember to cooperate with Him and allow the frosty nights of your life to bring out true radiance that comes from a personal relationship with Him.


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