Why Linus Drops His Blanket

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Linus always has his blanket. He and Charlie Brown are friends. The comic strip Peanuts, featuring Charlie Brown, Linus, and others by Charles M. Schulz debuted in October of 1950. Peanuts is a comic strip about common life, heralding events and relationships. Subtle messages are given through Peanuts: sports aren’t all that important; loneliness happens to everyone; marriage is for keeps; friends sometimes fail us; and every day is a new day with another opportunity.

Fifteen years later in 1965, A Charlie Brown Christmas debuted. It was an animated television special, and was the first TV special based on the comic strip Peanuts. This television special was also written by Schulz. 

Charlie Brown is a typical kid who is sometimes caring and sometimes not. Charlie Brown is Linus’ best friend. They talk about life and their problems and support each other.  Of course, there are times they argue with each other because that’s what friends do. Linus has a blanket that goes with him everywhere. His friends try to get him to leave that blanket at home, but he refuses. Linus always has that blue blanket in hand.

Like a child with his pacifier or favorite stuffed toy, he refuses to put it down. This blue blanket is his security, there’s no doubt.  Linus is a kid just like every other kid, and he knows what he needs and he wants. 

drops blanketWhy Linus drops his blanket

There is one time, however, when Linus drops his blanket. It’s in the movie A Charlie Brown Christmas, and if you pay attention, you’ll understand why. This dropping of the blanket is not coincidental. It is intentional, and it is planned by Charles Shultz.  

Mr. Shultz was a devout Christian.  When he was asked to create a Christmas special for CBS, he agreed on one condition: he would only do it if they allowed him to include the story of Jesus’ birth. Linus recites the scripture from Luke telling the true story of Christmas. When he repeats the words of the angel, “Fear not!”, the spotlight focuses on him. At that precise time, he drops his blanket. 

In that moment, his security blanket is not necessary. It falls from his hand as he tells the wonderful news of the birth of Jesus. In his excitement of that moment, he doesn’t need that security.  

What better way to show the world the wonder and peace that comes from knowing Jesus!

Security found

Each of us, like Linus, owns one, two, three or more security blankets. We go to our “blankets” when we are afraid, lonely, crushed, or bewildered. If we are honest, we know what they are. Think about what you do when you’re frustrated or annoyed, when you’re lonely or in tears. What does it take to drive us to our security blankets?

Linus shows us that, when we find the good news of Jesus, we do not need to be afraid.  We do not need those security blankets when we truly plug into Him.  It is a natural tendency to reach for those things that bring comfort and security; however, we are not to live “naturally”. We have the power to live in the Light of “Fear not.” When Jesus comes into our world, we should not need those security blankets anymore.

Are there ways your life shows others that Jesus is your greatest Security?

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