Why I Read the Last Chapter

The best chapter.

The last chapter is always better than the first. You remember the days – not being able to finish the book without reading that last chapter. All snuggled under a cover with night sounds cascading outside, or sitting outside on the porch swing, or lying on a blanket in the grass. The book was full of mystery and love.  How was this going to play out?  Who was she going to marry?  Would the criminal get caught or get away?

There was one sure-fire way to find out:  read the last chapter of the book.

Sometimes I held out, determined that it was best to find out when I got to the end.  And sometimes? Well, let’s just say that curiosity (and sometimes fear) got the best of me and I’d sneak a peak at the last chapters.  I didn’t want to wait to find out.  I wanted to know now because it would be easier to enjoy the book if I knew the outcome.

In real life, one never knows until the event occurs.  We can’t read the last chapter of the book we are living because we’re not there yet.  We’re still going through life.

Social and Political

In the political climate of our times, each of us can suppose what is going to happen.  We can root and cheer for one side or the other.  We can hope and pray for the outcome we think should happen. We can read projections and listen to debates. We can wonder what this world’s a-comin’ to. We can wonder where our country will be or what the economy will be in a few years, but that’s all we can do: just wonder.

Yet, the fact remains, that we really don’t know.

The last chapter

Let me tell you something I do know and that’s because I’ve read that final, last chapter.

I know what the outcome of this world is going to be. I know Who is going to be the triumphant one. I know the Winner. I have read the final chapter.

One day, every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. One day, all injustices will be done away and He will wipe away every tear.

The fact remains that the winning team belongs to Jesus.

The question is: are we on the winning team?

Read the final chapter – it will help you make it through the chapters remaining in your life.

Oh yes, then remember to pray!

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