grandma drawing salve

Grandma Homemade Drawing Salve

The Drawing Salvegrandma drawing salve

A week ago I wrote about a homemade drawing salve my mother and her sisters made. We called it Tseek Shmih, which is Pennsylvania Dutch for drawing salve. [To pronounce Tseek Shmih, put a T (as in too or two, not the) before the word seek and put it all together; to pronounce shmih, use sh and mi as one would pronounce the first two letters of bill (no L sound). Put it all together into one syllable. Truly, it isn’t hard if you grew up speaking Pennsylvania Dutch. If you didn’t, then you’ll probably have trouble with it. ;-)] 

I’ve never made this salve, but I have cousins who have. I called my cousin Hilda who explained step-by-step how to make that salve. You can go to this link to read about the salve and get the directions so you can make your own. 

Grandma drawing salveThe Grandma Drawing Salve

Hilda also told me that her sister Lucy makes a homemade drawing salve that she calls Grandma Salve. I talked to Lucy (also my cousin, of course), and the ingredients are slightly different – but the salve gets the job done (she says!) as easily as the recipe I shared earlier. Lucy started using this recipe because the ingredients were easier to obtain, it was easier to do, and because she discovered that it worked just as well as the recipe I shared last week.

In addition, I’ve had so many comments and so much interest expressed in making or purchasing this salve that I decided to pursue the idea of an easy purchase. You will notice this salve is lighter in color (because of the ingredients).

Lucy keeps containers of Grandma Salve in her house, ready for gifts. So guess what! You can save yourself the time and hassle and get it ready-made from her.

How to purchase the Drawing Salve

If you’d like to purchase this salve from Lucy, you can contact her at her email: 

The cost for this homemade drawing salve is:

  • $7.50 for 2 ounces + shipping
  • $14.00 for 4 ounces + shipping

When I looked at the list of ingredients for Tseek Shmih, I thought, “I’d rather pay someone to make this for me than go to the hassle of finding the ingredients to make it myself.” 

Getting ‘er done!

So there you have it. Make your own following the recipe in the link listed above, or purchase it ready made. No matter if you make your own or purchase it from Lucy, you’ll find there’s nothing like this drawing salve for getting the job done.

Grandma homemade drawing salve



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