Homemade Apple Goodie

  Need a quick and easy apple dessert?  Here is one for you.  Start with tart apples and add your sugar and spices. Then make an oatmeal crumb topping.  Serve plain, with cool whip, milk, or ice cream. I am able to save time by using my home canned apple pie filling.  Then all I need to do is make the topping.  (I will post this recipe at another date.)  Yet when I have extra … Read more

The Art of Being a Mother – Part I of 7:

Maintenance The Artist and Her Studio I had one of those rare days when I could sit back and look at my clean, organized house – my studio.  (For all of about 15 minutes, of course).  I rather liked the way it looked, and I sat back and inhaled  the quiet – while it lasted, which wasn’t for very long. Just once, I mused, I wish some would show up unannounced when my house looks like … Read more


A guest post by Katrina Hoover, who blogs at 500 Words. Water?! I frantically flipped through my Bible last night trying to remember which book in the Old Testament contained the stories of Elijah. I was coming off several days of mental quandary and I wanted to read about someone else living a ludicrous life, just to feel like I was in good company.Really… how did he do it? How did he go on night after … Read more

Soft-boiled Eggs with Avocado

Looking for a simple, easy,  nutritious breakfast? Here is one of my favorites.  There’s really no recipe.  All you need is a ripe avocado and a soft-boiled egg along with some sea salt and pepper.  Butter (optional) or olive oil can be added – but I usually don’t. Avocados are a healthy food.  Rich in protein, potassium (more than a banana), Vitamin K and healthy fats, avocados are said to aid in the prevention and/or … Read more

Mama’s Apron

Mama’s Apron   When Mama wore her apron (Which was nearly every day) We knew that things would carry on In the-usual-sort-of-way. When Mama put her apron on, We knew that there’d be work; Indeed, she’d be willing us to help – How she’d frown to find us shirk!   When Mama wore her apron, We knew that things were right; For whatever work she’d find to do, She did it with her might. When … Read more