Forgiveness: Taking the First Step

That 1000 mile journey. When I don’t feel like putting my best foot forward, and when I’m not even sure what to do next, I remember. I had slipped into a private room on campus to spend some time alone with God. After minutes of crying out to God and telling Him that I just couldn’t possibly forgive the person who had hurt me, I lifted my eyes and saw the poster in front of me. … Read more

Food Fun for Kids

finger food

When the day is going to be long or you’ve got extra kids underfoot, make a fun meal for everyone.  It will be a bright spot in your day and you’ll find kids eating food they won’t normally eat. Jazz it up with some fancy names, and your kids will be begging to come to the table. Pigs in a Blanket are so simple and easy.  All you need is hot dogs and refrigerator biscuits … Read more

Why Our Boys Paid for Windshield Wipers – Teaching Responsibility

I had no idea we were about to embark on a lesson in responsibility the day the front door of the house opened as Dave marched two little guys inside.   I didn’t even have to turn around to look – I  knew there was trouble when I heard the thud of his feet as he came across the porch. I took one look at my boys and knew they were the culprits. When I heard … Read more

Why I Read the Last Chapter

The last chapter is always better than the first. You remember the days – not being able to finish the book without reading that last chapter.  All snuggled under a cover with night sounds cascading outside, or sitting outside on the porch swing, or lying on a blanket in the grass.  The book was full of mystery and love.  How was this going to play out?  Who was she going to marry?  Would the criminal … Read more

My Mama’s Meatloaf

I grew up thinking my mama made the best meatloaf.  She didn’t measure; she just dumped and added ingredients until they looked right.  One day in exasperation, I stood beside her and measured before I allowed her to dump so I could get her recipe.  Some time later, she put her recipe into her hand-written notebook. When hamburger is on sale, I buy it in bulk.  Then I come home and mix up two or … Read more