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Why I Make My Bed (Almost) Every Morning

make my bedMaking my bed.

I don’t remember having rules about making our beds when I was a kid. My mother’s bed was always made, and she seldom came upstairs to check our rooms. Sometimes the beds got made, and sometimes not.

Forming a new habit is easiest if a person does something (or refrains from doing something) every day for a month. This develops a pattern, and that’s what you want. That’s what I did. I made a point of pulling up the covers and fluffing the pillows every day for a month. You know what I discovered? I liked what this ritual did to me and to my bedroom. Since I much preferred order over chaos, I kept repeating the morning ritual.

On mornings I overslept and thought I just don’t have time to make my bed, I’d arrive back in my room later in the day to find those forgotten disheveled covers. You know what I discovered? It doesn’t take that long to make a bed. How long does it take? One minute? Two? Time yourself; you might be surprised.

When Dave and I got married 35+ years ago, I discovered that a tidy bed was a priority to the man I married. If it did not get made during the day, he made it before he went to bed that night. Yes, he did. (He still does.) Dave does not get into an “unmade” bed. Come to think of it, neither do I. The sheets must be straight before I crawl under the covers.

On whether or not

This is what I’ve also learned.

  • There is no “command” in the Bible regarding the making of a bed. If you’re a proponent of this, there are plenty of scriptures you can pull out to make your point, but I think that’s grasping at straws. That’s not why I make my bed.
  • There are, however, references to being orderly. Titus tells older women to teach younger ones how to act and to be “keepers at home”. Paul tells the Corinthian church that things should be done “in order”; but we can’t use that to preach this practice, either.
  • I make the bed for me (and for Dave).
  • When my bed is in order, I feel better and more organized because the room is in order. when I leave.
  • I like to come into our room and find it in order rather than finding a weary and rumpled bed begging to be straightened.

make my bedThe effects

There’s a calmness that draws me when I walk into our bedroom and find it in order. When outward things are in order, it helps my inner frame of mind. Truth be told, it’s that way with the rest of the house, which tends to be more lived in than in order, me thinks.

Order and chaos.

We’re wired differently. Having a bed that is made matters more to some people than to others. It means more to some than to others because of the way we respond to order and chaos.

Is it a big deal? Yes and no. It depends on you. I will venture to say, however, that if you want to defeat chaos and compel order, begin your day by making your bed.

I will venture to say, however, that if you want to defeat chaos and compel order, begin your day by making your bed. Click To Tweet

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