The Coronation of Jesus as King

coronation of JesusThe coronation begins

They did not realize what they were doing, yet they performed the coronation of Jesus as King. Oh, they were having a fun day, that Thursday night. The servants of the chief priests arrested the Man they despised and brought Him to trial.

In their mockery and scorn, the Jews who hated Jesus and their Roman counterparts gave Jesus His own coronation. In their derision, they declared the Truth they were too blind to see. Those who stood close by and those who watched from afar witnessed the coronation of Jesus.

In mockery, they bowed down to Him. One day, every knee is going to bow. That night, theirs did.

coronation of JesusPurple represents royalty, and they gave that prestige to Jesus. They dressed Him  in a purple robe, mocking Him for claiming to be King. A king wears a crown, and they gave Jesus a crown. It was a crown of thorns, but it was a crown, and they put it on His head. Even though it was mockery to them, it was the coronation of Jesus.

coronation of JesusThe coronation and the throne

They commandeered Simon of Cyrene to carry the cross. No King carries his own equipment. Simon carried the cross. They enthroned Jesus on that cross. Lifting Him high for all to see, they gave Him the place of scorn as He waited for the day He would sit down at His Father’s right hand, next to the throne of all thrones. In lifting Jesus  high, they carried out the coronation of Jesus.

In their final fit of mockery, they gave Him the title He deserved. They named Him Who He is: King of the Jews. The sign told all the world Who this man is, a world so blinded by hate and mockery, it failed to understand the words.

They begged to have the sign changed to “He said He is the King of the Jews.”

The sign did not get changed. “What I have written, I have written,” was Pilate’s response.

coronation of JesusThe last laugh.

They thought they had the last laugh. How wrong they were.

In their hatred, their mockery, and their deceit, they performed the coronation of Jesus, King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

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