Searching for Treasure

At this Hilty cousin reunion, these kids are related through their great, great grandparents. They are cousins: some are 1st, some are 2nd, and some are 3rd cousins. (They really don’t care because the goal is the treasure.)

Treasure Time

The kids could hardly wait until it was time. They’d watched us spread out the wood shavings on the lawn. Then they stayed to watch us toss pennies, nickels, and dimes into the shavings.

Finally, it was time. At the end of the count, the kids swooped down onto the pile of wood shavings. Some of them moved the shavings gingerly. A few picked them up in a clump in their fists; one guy picked them up in clumps and tossed them into the air.

They found a few coins here and there, but frustration mounted when they realized there were over 200 pieces, and they’d only found a dozen or so.treasure

An older set of 1st, 2nd, or 3rd cousins, all related through their great, great grandparents.

 The Way to Search for Treasure

“You’re going about it wrong,” Dave told them. “You have to go through it gently, looking deep down in the shavings to find the pieces. They are there, but you have to take the time to really look. I used to do this when I was a kid, and I know how to do it!”

That’s how it is with finding the treasures in God’s Word. We can sit down to read and just rush over the pages; we can take entire chunks without really paging through slowly, finding treasures hidden there. We can be flighty, tossing the treasures of God to the wind, not taking the time to dissect and read each word.

There’s a toss-up between reading long passages at a time in order to read through the Bible in a year and taking the time to devour just a few verses. I think both are necessary to get the whole of the messages in there for us. Reading chapters and books at a time helps us get an overall view. Chewing on a few verses at a time helps us digest the meat of the Word.

Answers in the Treasures

When we have questions, we can find answers if we will go to this gold mine and dig deeply. Instead of flitting and flipping, tossing the sawdust into the air, taking the time to sift gently and search deeply, we can find the answers, for they are surely there.

In this treasure hunt, there were pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters. Each of the coins adds up to the total value of the treasure hunt.

So it is with verses and scriptures. Each one adds up to give us a sum total of God’s Word.


Digging Deep for the Best Treasures

To get it all, we have to dig deep. We don’t throw out the penny verses and horde the verses worth quarters. Each penny is valuable. So is each quarter. Together, they give us the whole of Who God is and what He expects of us.

When was the last time you took the time to dig deep and hunt for the treasures hidden in His Word? They are there, all right. You have to take the time. You have to really look. You keep searching until you find the treasure. There’s no better treasure anywhere that can be found!



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