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Life is Not Fair – But We’re Not Home Yet

we're not Home yetLife is not fair.

Mom could have said, “We’re not Home yet, son.” Instead, her response was different because she had a young child. That child was Dave.

“But that’s not fair!” Dave used to tell his mom when he was a kid.

“Life isn’t fair,” she replied every time. “That’s what Heaven is for.”

You can look around you – locally, nationally, or internationally – and you know life is not fair.

That is what Heaven is for. Heaven is home – but we’re not Home yet.

I think about that when I remember the March anniversary of Mom Slabach’s death in her early sixties. I think about that when I contemplate my childhood without a father who also died in March. And I think about that when I see and hear of the atrocities around the world on any given day. Life is not fair, and that is what Heaven is for.  And I remember: we’re not Home yet!

we're not Home yet

Heaven is for real

For the child of God, Heaven is a place where all things become fair. None of us deserves life eternal in Heaven, but it is ours to claim as a gift. We have promises from God: all tears forever wiped away in Heaven. No pain, no sickness, no sorrow, and no dying in Heaven. No unfairness, no disadvantage, no bullying, no deceit, no loss, and no lies.

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We’re not Home yet

The unfairness of life here on earth should make us long for Heaven. There, every single question will be answered. Every tear will be gone. Heaven – where hope lives eternal.

This journey of life is full of blessing, joy, and delight. It’s also filled with struggle, pain, and night. Life is not fair. That is what Heaven is for. Someday  . . . Heaven.

But we’re not Home yet!

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