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follow the patternGod has a pattern

God has a pattern.For some folks, it’s difficult to see and to follow. For others, it is easier because of past experience.The longer we walk with God, the easier it is to see His pattern.The longer we walk with Him, the easier it is to trust His pattern. Experience teaches patterns and helps us trust the pattern.

The pattern of the past

When David wrote Psalm 27, He spoke about the patterns of God he experienced in his lifetime. David, the youngest of eight sons, killed a lion and a bear – and a giant. He also became king after running for his life from King Saul for many years. Yet, when he looked back on his life, he didn’t dwell on this things.

Instead, he focused on the pattern of God’s faithfulness in his own life. David also focused on the completion of the pattern: that he would dwell in the house of God, forever.

That is what we must do. When we feel afraid or discouraged, we must go back to the pattern. We need to trace our fingers on that pattern, and see what God has done. 

Follow the pattern

When we follow the pattern, we don’t forget what He has done. That’s what David does in his Psalms. He follows the pattern and recounts that pattern.

This takes him from his lowest points in life to his highest. Following the pattern takes him from despair and fear to triumph and joy.

When we follow the pattern of God’s way in our lives, it will bring us to adoration, trust, and praise. This place is the best place we can be!

David closes this Psalm with encouragement to wait on God – and He will strengthen our hearts. We can wait in hope because we know the pattern of God. Follow the pattern, and it will bring you to praise!

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