The Father Who Hated Cats and His Daughter Who Loved Them

Those cats and kittens We stopped to visit friends on our way back to Halifax County the other Sunday evening. Amid the hugs and hellos, I noticed the kittens. Eleven kittens, to be exact. We picked them up and scratched their heads as they arched their backs and purred. It was a cat lover’s paradise. As we sat at dinner, I watched the antics of the kittens through the windows. They tussled and tumbled, capered … Read more

Why My Heart is Full

Each year, I change my mind on which season I like best. In the spring, I delight in warm breezes and pastel colors after a winter of ice and sleet and cold. But then, after the lazy, humid, and often dry days of summer, I am ready for this new season: Fall. In the autumn, I dance with the leaves as they twirl their way down from the trees. I love fall. Crisp, cool air, … Read more

Life is Short. Fidelity is Sweet.

A new fruit The pomegranates I brought to the kids’ class I teach on Wednesday evenings were a fascination all evening long. The kids had never seen this fruit, and they wanted to touch and handle the pomegranates. They kept asking me about “those things” during the entire lesson. I had also brought grapes, but they weren’t interested in grapes. Because I made them wait until the end of the story, they were especially intrigued … Read more

How Reading Exercised My Mind

Once Upon a Bookworm Ever since I can remember, my sisters and I have been called bookworms. Folks who called us that were sometimes frustrated and sometimes delighted. We didn’t mind. What better things to do with one’s mind than to travel, fantasize, solve mysteries, and dream of love, all in the comforts of home? We visited the local library regularly (and paid enough overdue fines to pay the librarian’s salary). Our mother provided books … Read more

What’s a Cook To Do?!

I don’t know how it is for you, but dinner hour at our house can be quite hectic. Ed Asner says that raising kids is part joy and part guerilla warfare.  I suppose cooking for kids falls under that category as well. What’s a cook to do when the taste buds are as varied as the children?  In my house, the vote is an even 4-4 for margarine or mayonnaise on sandwiches.  On hamburgers, we … Read more