Why I Spent a Day Doing Nothing

  I should have been inside today — cleaning out stuffed drawers, crammed bookcases, and weary closets.   I could have felt the breeze and heard the birds from my open windows.   I chose instead to ignore the call of spring-cleaning and spend the day doing only, as some folks would say, absolutely nothing. But do you call ten minutes on the swing in the tree house yard, looking up through the green branches … Read more

7 Things I Learned About Life from the Hawaiian Pacific Ocean

The Ocean’s Dangers On our first day in Hawaii, I noticed the dangers of the ocean – not because I was at the ocean, but because of the many signs and notices everywhere. On another day, our boat was taking us out from the harbor to a spot one-quarter of a mile from shore. The guide on the boat gave us directions as we headed toward the submarine that was going to take us to … Read more

6 Ways to Make Sunday A Day of Rest and Not a Day You Detest With Kids


We were heading back home after sight-seeing in another state for a weekend. My niece was ready to settle down and go to sleep, but her brother pulled out his paper to jot down the last of the money he had spent. All the way there and back, Kevin kept a running tab of the money he was spending. He also kept a tab on his sister and the money she had been given by … Read more

“My Next Executive Decision Was to Burst Into Tears”

I have never met Katrina – except through her blog.  My husband is related to folks who are kin to her, but we’re no relation. We’re alike in some ways and different in others.  We’re both  nurses and both writers.  She’s written four books, and I’ve written two. While both of us lost our mothers to cancer, she lost hers at a younger age than did I.  She’s been to other countries to work as a … Read more

How the Fleas Got In – and A Few Other Things

You want to know how those fleas came into our house? There were several culprits – and I confess that I was one of them. There were other culprits as well. We had Tailless Tom.   We had Crook, the calico mama, grandmama and great grandmama. Then, we had the kittens – all twenty-nine of them.  Wait. I think there were thirty-one. Or was it thirty-three?! We had the kids – and a niece who … Read more