Why Our Project Grandma Was a Success

I didn’t think to tell our kids about Project Grandma until after a conversation yesterday. Sitting on the deck on a December day eating lunch with our family, they asked us about their great-grandparents. We shared our memories, and then today I remembered Project Grandma. It’s a neat story – and an even greater project. It’s amazing what one family – or a group of individuals – can do when they work together. This is … Read more

Three Reasons Why We Told Our Kids Santa Claus Isn’t Real

It’s an interesting story – the one about Santa Claus. You know, the ho-ho-ho jolly, merry man who wants to help every boy and girl in the whole wide world. So, magically, he traverses the world in one night, riding in a sleigh, plummeting down chimneys to deliver the most awesome presents that any child could imagine. The Christmas season speaks of goodwill and heralding hope for the world, but somehow many children miss the … Read more

Cookie Cutter Christmas

One of the best parts about Christmas is seeing it through the eyes of a child.   If you don’t have any kids in your house, then you need to find some to share the season with you.  Children really don’t care if the house is  clean (and I do).  They’d rather we spend time with them, doing things with them.  Baking cookies together is a great way to start! I think about that each … Read more

The Three Things Every Caregiver Should Do

It’s fair to say that Jesus was the greatest Physician Who lived. As a counselor, He also gave spot-on advice. He traveled and mingled with mobs of people. He took time for children. He reached out to the underdogs and those shunned by society. He ate with publicans. He dined with sinners. He was bombarded by people who wanted the food and the miracles He performed – people who could care less about a relationship … Read more

How Backwards Planning Helps Me Put My Best Foot Forward

Backwards planning  might seem like a paradox to you, but it’s a guaranteed way to keep you oiled and lubed and able to keep moving forward.  If you think you spend a lot of time spinning your wheels, then these tips are for you. While on the outside I appear organized, I still meet more in-the-nick-of-time deadlines than I’d like.  I clean off my desk and come across forgotten (important) papers.  I’ve missed other deadlines because I … Read more