Hanging On Until the Milk Expires

I have never lost a child and I know for certain that I have absolutely no clue about what it’s like to experience such horrible grief.  But if I ever do, my friend Shelley is one of the first people I would call.  That’s because Shelley is real even as she writes about her raw grief. I had known her son Joseph as a child and was just learning to re-know him in the months before … Read more

A Growing Pile of Pennies

I came across this post a few weeks ago on Luci’s blog at Properties of Light.  I asked permission from the author, my friend Dorcas, who is an author of five books and blogs at Life in the Shoe.  Dorcas graciously gave me permission to share this.  Be sure to visit her blog at: www.dorcassmucker.blogspot.com/ This story so resonated with me, and I am certain it will with you as well. A Growing Pile of Pennies This … Read more

First Things First: Just Hush!

Hush.  Just Hush. That’s what God told me to do. There’s an eleven-year-story here. It’s a good story, I’m telling you. It’s good, not because we are, but because God is good. But first, a true story from the Bible and a sermon from that story. One Sunday our pastor preached about the time the Children of Israel left Egypt and their life of slavery. You might know the story of the time Moses led … Read more

10 Back 2 School Tips: Making It the Best Year Yet

No matter which way you choose to educate your kids, here are 10 helpful tips to get you started as your kids head back to school. Here’s wishing you the best school year yet! I recognize that many parents choose alternatives to public school. There are parents who send their kids to a Christian school, and there are parents who choose to homeschool. No matter where your kids get their education, it’s important that we … Read more