Why We Had a Half Dozen Kids (and Would Do It All Over Again)

How Many Kids = a Big Family? Some folks think we have a large family. Yet compared to the folks in my church and community when I was growing up, our family size is average or small. So who decides, anyhow? I have cousins who had a dozen or more kids. You know what? When those kids get together now, they have the most fun remembering their childhood. When they have family meetings to plan … Read more

How Getting a Handle on Gossip is Like Crossing The Street

Gossip is like squeezed-out toothpaste. It’s easy to squeeze it out, but impossible to put it back in. To illustrate this point in a children’s class, I borrowed a $20.00 bill from another adult (where everyone could see) and then showed the kids a brand new tube of toothpaste. Handing a paper plate to one of the kids, I told him to squeeze all the toothpaste out of the tube that he could possibly squeeze … Read more

Three Reasons Why Our Kids Had To Take Piano Lessons

  The piano is the most basic instrument. Learn this one, and it will be easier to learn any other instrument. Music is important to us. Everybody likes some kind of music. Everybody needs music. Dave and I come from a family of music lovers and connoisseurs of music. We both enjoy music, so it’s no wonder that our kids inherited genetics along those lines. We realize that an appreciation for and love of music can carry … Read more

Why Homemade is Better Even When It Takes More Time

We came in from caroling, chilled to the bone. Layers of clothing or extra scarves and gloves hadn’t kept the cold out as much as we had hoped. “Mama,” one of the kids asked, “can we have some hot chocolate?” “Sure, I answered, “but it’ll have to be made from scratch — we’re almost out of the individual packs.” “Oh no!” I heard his response. “Yours isn’t sweet enough!” What a joke! I thought. They like store-bought … Read more

Why Our Project Grandma Was a Success

I didn’t think to tell our kids about Project Grandma until after a conversation yesterday. Sitting on the deck on a December day eating lunch with our family, they asked us about their great-grandparents. We shared our memories, and then today I remembered Project Grandma. It’s a neat story – and an even greater project. It’s amazing what one family – or a group of individuals – can do when they work together. This is … Read more