Life is Short. Fidelity is Sweet.

A new fruit The pomegranates I brought to the kids’ class I teach on Wednesday evenings were a fascination all evening long. The kids had never seen this fruit, and they wanted to touch and handle the pomegranates. They kept asking me about “those things” during the entire lesson. I had also brought grapes, but they weren’t interested in grapes. Because I made them wait until the end of the story, they were especially intrigued … Read more

Why Our Kids Didn’t Celebrate Halloween

The land of Halloween – and pretend and make-believe When the clock struck midnight, Cinderella’s chariot turned back into a pumpkin. The white horses became mice again and her lovely dress diminished into rags. In the land of fairy tales, good things happen to good people and bad things happen to bad people – and the lovers live happily ever after. We know it’s just pretend, but we still enjoy the magic in the land of … Read more

Who I Am When No One Is Around

“It’s just up the road, about half a mile after the church,” my neighbor told me. “The pumpkins are sitting out in the yard. It’s the honor system, you know,” she added. The honor system, I mused. We hear about making the honor roll and about honors given to people for specific accomplishments. Yet this is a different kind of honor. This idea of an honor system speaks of trust. It expects and believes the … Read more

Why He’s Not a Stranger Anymore

  Have you ever wondered what it would have been like to actually be here on this earth when Jesus was here?  Imagine sitting down with Him for breakfast by the Galilean Sea – a breakfast that He had made. Imagine watching Him touch the eyes of blind folks – and watching their response when they could see. Imagine watching Him reaching out to children, holding them in His lap. And imagine watching the lepers … Read more

How to Pray The Heart of God For Your Kids

  ‘You want to know the best way to learn about somebody you’ve never met?  Read about the things that were important to them.  Read the things they themselves said or wrote.  Talk to people who rubbed shoulders with them.  It’s a perfect blueprint for finding accurate information. You want to know the best way to pray for your kids and people who are important to you?  Read about the things that are important to … Read more