How Wrestling with Restlessness Brings Rest

wrestling brings restWrestling brings rest.

It was a cool summer evening and even though it happened over fifty years ago, I remember. In the early evening, the sky was slowly dimming its light. There was a nudging, a whispering, like wind coming through trees, and the sound called my name. I was restless, and I did not know why.

You know what I learned that night? I learned to wrestle with my restlessness. The unsettledness bothered me, but I did not know what bothered me. So I went to my room, and I asked God to explain the wind through the trees, the uneasy waves lapping at me, and the lack of calm in my spirit.

He answered. I did not like what He said. Nor did I want to hear what I needed to do.

So I wrestled. With God, and with me. I knew the only way to find rest was to wrestle with my restlessness.

When a person wrestles, he struggles with a difficulty or a problem. He grapples with his opponent until one of them wins. This time, God won.

There were things bothering me – things beyond my control or my happiness. They bothered me a lot, only I had not recognized my anger and frustration. The wind came, and I felt that nudging, that whispering from the trees, that stirring within me. It was His Spirit. I wanted to be free of the restlessness, so I listened. He showed me my anger and my bitterness. He told me that to be free, I had to let it go. I found that genuine wrestling brings rest.

So I let it go. Not without wrestling first, mind you. I wrestled with God over the unfairness, the pain, and the way things beyond my control had changed. Afterwards, I gave it back to Him. It was the only way to do business and find rest. That’s because wrestling brings rest.

restlessness to rest
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From restlessness to rest

When Jesus told the storm, “Peace! Be still!”, the account tells us that the wind ceased, and there was a calm. Just like that.

I believe it happened that way, because that’s what happened with me that night in my room. I admitted my anger and bitterness to God and received His forgiveness. My restlessness changed to rest, and I was free.

When we wrestle with our restlessness and let God win, we become free. We are at rest, and at peace. We are quiet; we are still. It’s a wonderful place to be!

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