Blessing My Troubles and Counting My Woes

I’ve been blessing my troubles and counting my woes,blessing

For blessing gives mercy, don’t you suppose?

Since blessing gives favor; it’s so clear to me

That blessing recalls all the troubles I see.

Though the troubles are many, there could be many more

So blessing my troubles helps me to keep score!

I’m counting my woes, for the troubles they bring

Helps me remember the song I can sing.

No matter the darkness, there is always the Light;

And He shows me the way with His power and His might.

Though the woes are abundant, I still can keep score

Because His care is boundless with grace -, so much more!

blessingI can number those blessings that are out of my reach

 And then surely I will gain that green ole’ jealousy.

Yes, I can look at my problems and count all my woes

OR remember the bounties; then thank the Lord for those.

In counting up my troubles, I gain a better view

Of the things that I can claim – for there are myriads, not a few!


I keep remembering perspective is the authentic key

To keep my thoughts balanced and just where they should be.

I can claim the glass half-empty, or rejoice that it’s half-full;

And recognize my attitude toward troubles is the best tool.

So I’ll claim the glass has plenty for what I need today

Because tomorrow’s troubles are never here to stay.


So keep blessing your troubles and counting your woes

There’s no better way, don’t you suppose?

At this season of Thanksgiving, let your heart be free to sing

With all He gives and promises  – (if He is your King).

He gives and He gives, and He gives yet again

So praise Him and thank Him forever. And ever. Amen.

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